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    Upgrade Your Power Distribution With HDOT Alternating Phase PDUs

    Posted by Annie Paquette on August 22, 2014

    Server Technology's HDOT (high-density outlet technology) with Alt Phase makes it easy and risk-free for you to migrate to three phase power distribution. These PDUs alternate the phase pairs on a per-outlet basis instead of per branchy basis. In this blog, Servertech talks about some of the major benefits of an HDOT Alternating Phase PDU.

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    Your All-In-1 PDU Solution - HDOT Switched

    Posted by RJ Tee on March 10, 2015

    Introducing the High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) Switched PDU, your All-in-1 PDU Solution.

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    Where Density, Square Meters, and Practicality Meet

    Posted by RJ Tee on August 03, 2017

    In this recent article on Data Center Knowledge, the author discusses the growing issue of data center real estate in Singapore and other APAC markets – or more accurately, the lack thereof. While many countries, including portions of the United States and Northern Europe, benefit from large land masses, high-density city centers in most of the world place an absolute premium on every square meter of space. In these areas, data center facilities are built more on the vertical axis, with support equipment stacked on roof tops and in basements.

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  • WATCH: DCD Enterprise NY: How to engineer a PDU

    Posted by RJ Tee on April 21, 2015

    Learn More about our latest PDU solution: The HDOT Switched PDU is the most versatile PDU platform for today’s demanding data center environment. Server Technology has converged their three top solutions All-in-1 PDU. It includes: High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) most outlets, in the right place, in a smaller form factor. Alternating Phase Outlets provide better airflow, easy load balancing, and greater efficiencies. PRO2 Platform a flexible and feature rich hardware and firmware platform

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    Three Questions to Ask About Three Phase Power Distribution

    Posted by RJ Tee on March 10, 2017

    Across the globe, data center managers are making the move to 60A service at the rack level. Why? One big reason is because it better supports higher-density applications. As a result, three-phase power distribution is seeing a boost in popularity. Put simply, it just makes sense for data centers from economic and efficiency standpoints. A popular choice for those looking to make the move to alternating phase power is the HDOT Switched power distribution unit from Server Technology. These rack-mount PDUs simplify time consuming processes such as cable management and load balancing. Offering up to a 30 percent footprint reduction, HDOT PDUs let you install more servers per rack and create a much more efficient flow over standard one- or two-phase power by using three-phase power distribution.

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    Smoke Signals

    Posted by RJ Tee on February 13, 2015

    Humans have always had an inherent desire to communicate. I think whether we realize it or not, our species has flourished because of the technology enhancements that have allowed us to speed up and improve our communication capability. Everything of what we see and use today is simply an upgrade of something that was there before. I think we can go back pretty far and compare communication technology of today with communication technology of yesterday. And I'm talking way back.

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    Server Technology’s HDOT Wins Big At DCS Awards In London

    Posted by RJ Tee on June 01, 2016

    The HDOT is the most feature-rich rackmount PDU we’ve developed to date, and it’s perfect for customers who have between 36 and 54 devices in their cabinet, need quick-turn PDUs with a large number of outlet variations, are looking to minimize power drops and need high-temperature PDUs. The proprietary outlet design of HDOT makes it the perfect tool for capacity planning, power density and uptime.

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    Server Technology Wins a TMC 2014 infoTECH Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award

    Posted by RJ Tee on December 18, 2014

    The 2014 infoTECH Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award recognizes the most innovative and enterprising data center vendors who offer infrastructure or software, servers or cooling systems, cabling or management applications. Server Technology was recognized for High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT), HDOT provides up to 42 C13’s in a 42U high by 1U wide device, the highest possible outlet density available in a network connected PDU. Manufactured with robust high temperature materials carrying a UL94 V-0 flame rating makes these outlets ideally suited for harsh data center environments. Additional features include high native cord retention that eliminates the need for custom and costly ancillary locking cord devices.

  • Problem? Not A Problem With HDOT Switched PDUs.

    Posted by RJ Tee on December 01, 2016

    If a solution doesn’t exist for your problem, we’ll innovate one, simple as that. Case in point: our High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) PDUs didn’t exist until a client came to us looking for an innovative solution to a unique challenge. Travis Irons, Server Technology Director of Engineering, recalls the moment the idea for HDOT came to him. “About four years ago, one of our larger clients came to us with a quote for 40 to 50 different configurations of products,” Irons says. “Many of them were high density, with many outlets for the volume. With the conventional, off-the-shelf outlets everyone was using then, we couldn’t make it fit at first.”

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    May the POPS Be with You

    Posted by RJ Tee on December 13, 2017

    Since much of the buzz this week will be about the much-anticipated release of Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ on Friday (or Thursday if you happen to live in the UK), we thought we would take a moment to share some of our favorite old lines. And now, from a galaxy far, far away… (cue fanfare) “The force is strong in this one.” Bad guy or not, Darth Vader hit the nail on the head here. While we had to wait until much later to find out why he knew what he knew, we do know now that sometimes you just have a feeling about things. The Server Tech team had that same good feeling when we started talking about ZTP, our zero-touch provisioning approach for our PDU line. (We even have a pretty nifty whitepaper...) A way to provision all your rack mounted power strips at once, hands-free, and outside of the data center? We still have to remind people this is no Jedi mind trick.

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