Edge Solutions

Edge computing is being utilized to speed content delivery, improve services, and localize analytics. To ensure that the network delivers the best response time possible to the end client device, whether that is an OTT streaming Roku, a mobile phone user watching television, or a home security system, edge computing is deployed close to the point of consumption, and needs to always be on.

  • The Edge Solution

    Services, analytics, and storage are being performed outside the central “cloud" facilities for time sensitive applications requiring minimal network latencies. Distributed IT assets need remote management capabilities to ensure maximum uptime.
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  • Fog Computing

    IT gear located in remote office buildings and residences supporting fog compute applications (the cloud amongst us) need the remote management capabilities of Switched and Switched POPS PDUs from Server Technology
    • Remote power measurement
    • Remote reset of hardware
    • Integration through software to DCIM tools
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  • Mobile Edge

    Whether your far-flung telecom infrastructure runs on AC or DC power, Server Technology is your best solution for remote power management.
    • Data compression, analytics, and storage being deployed to the cell tower location
    • Remotely reboot hardware, and measure AC and DC power consumption for PUE reporting
    • Remote thermal measurement and reporting
    • Single pane of glass
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  • On The Edge - Powering Through The Fog

    A Server Technology White Paper by Marc Cram

    Executive Summary:

    Rapid growth in public cloud (centralized compute) adoption is leading to increasing “north-south" bandwidth demands as the proliferation of devices pouring data into the cloud and drawing data back out strain both the wired and wireless internet connecting the devices to the cloud. Edge, mobile edge, and fog computing are all approaches aimed at decentralizing the compute infrastructure and improving the responsiveness observed by end client devices. Edge computing of any variety requires coordination of widely dispersed assets, and is best supported with remotely managed intelligent power.


    Ongoing growth in the creation, storage, processing, and consumption of digital information is driving change in the design of the infrastructure tasked with delivering that content. Whereas the effort of the past decade has focused around centralizing applications running in the cloud (SaaS, PaaS, etc.), those organizations tasked with being the pipeline delivering data to and from the cloud are seeing the wisdom of distributing some of the cloud capabilities out closer to the end points (the “edge") of data creation and consumption. Delivering reliable distributed computing performance in the form of edge, mobile edge, and fog computing requires the usage of intelligent power management that supports both AC and DC power distribution. Server Technology delivers the industry's most comprehensive array of reliable AC and DC power solutions suited to edge computing.

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