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The Future of Rack PDUs is here, HDOT Switched and Smart Now With POPS

With tens of thousands of HDOT® PDUs already installed, Server Technology has now completed its most popular and innovative product line ever with the addition of the HDOT Switched POPS® (Per Outlet Power Sensing) PDU. Now with device level monitoring, the most uniquely valuable rack PDU on the market provides the #1 solution for density, capacity planning, and remote power management for the modern data center. One PDU to solve today's top data center challenges: Power Density, Capacity Planning, and Remote Power Management.

Build density into your data center with award-winning HDOT and Alternating Phase technology:

  • High Density Outlet Technology
  • Most outlets per form factor
  • The right outlets in the right place
  • Proven at 60 degrees Celsius operation
  • Alternating Phase Outlet Technology
  • 1,000s of combinations available

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Learn how Server Technology Supported ScaleMatrix

Learn How ScaleMatrix Uses HDOT to Achieve Industry-Leading Power Density
  • High Density Outlet Technology

    Short on real estate, high on rack components?

    Choose High Density Outlet Technology
    High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) has the most outlets in a 42U intelligent Rack PDU with industry standard C13 and C19 outlets. Comes with high native cord retention and color-coded alternating-phase outlets for easy cabling. Learn how HDOT allowed ScaleMatrix to achieve industry leading density.
  • Alt Phase Technology

    Looking for the perfect load-balancing solution?

    Choose Alternating Phase
    Alternating phase outlets alternate the phased power on a per-outlet basis instead of a per-branch basis. This allows for shorter cords, quicker installation and easier load balancing for 3-phase rackmount PDUs. Shorter cords mean less mass, making them less likely to come unplugged during transport of the assembled rack. Read the Alt Phase White Paper.
  • Award-Winning Sentry Power Manager

    Need a rack PDU tailored to your data center?

    Try Build Your Own PDU
    Both HDOT and Alternating Phase are available through Server Technology's "Build Your Own PDU" configurator. Build Your Own PDU takes a Switched, Smart or Metered 42-outlet High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) PDU and allows you to build an HDOT PDU your way in Four Simple Steps. Choose a configuration. Download a spec sheet and request a quote in four simple steps. Click here to get started.

Award-Winning Density Solutions

HDOT is the recipient of multiple industry awards including Datacenter Solutions and Datacenter Dynamics.
Alt Phase Technology

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Power Measurement Solutions

Sentry Power Manager (SPM) provides one central location to manage, monitor and control all of the intelligent PDUs within your data center. This cost-effective software solution provides complete visibility to both power and environmental monitoring with easy installation and setup to ensure a quick return on investment.
Learn more about SPM.

Per Outlet Power Sensing |

The best outlet power measurement technology on the market for data center rack-level power monitoring.

Adds Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS) to the Switched PDU which provides power monitoring per an individual outlet/device. Power information per individual outlet /device includes current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor, and power factor. Using our grouping technology, power information is available per device, groups of devices (application), individual PDU or cabinet.

Per Inlet Power Sensing |

The best infeed power measurement technology on the market for data center rack-level power monitoring.

PIPS technology replaces power monitoring at the RPP (Remote Power Panel) in data centers with higher accuracy and lower cost monitoring of each power circuit attached to a PDU. This feature enhances equipped Smart, Switched, and POPS PDUs with the most accurate and extensive metrics on the market. Expect the same quality and functionality on current intelligent PDUs, but with an increased level of information to help you make the critical decisions regarding your facility.

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