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Hyperscale data centers deliver the most popular applications on the internet. They are the hidden from view, but their outputs are everywhere in applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, iTunes and YouTube. Hyperscale data centers require massively redundant compute hardware combined with extreme software resiliency. Hyperscale demands “always on" power to ensure the quality of experience today's web users expect.

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    Build Your Own PDU Solutions

    When you need a power solution tailored to your exact specifications, the Power Strategy Experts of Server Technology should be your first call. Whether you want a fully featured PDU like our HDOT Cx Switched POPS, or just the essentials like our Basic units, Server Technology can craft a product to meet your needs.
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    Hyperscale data centers operate continuously once they are commissioned. Power to the IT loads within the rack should be the least of your concerns. A PDU that can work at full load throughout its operating temperature range is a must. Nearly all Server Technology PDUs support an ambient operating temperature range from 0-60℃.
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    A key consideration for any new data center build out is the willingness of the vendors to service and support their products. The Power Strategy Experts of Server Technology strive to exceed your expectations daily, and can assist you in all phases, beginning with developing product specifications and continuing through to supporting your installation after the sale.
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Meet Server Technology

Why Server Technology?

Hyperscale data center operators hire the talent needed to design facilities that strike the optimum balance of uptime, efficiency, and performance. Those who know, choose to work with Server Technology to get the PDU that is most suited to their specific application, whether that is an off the shelf solution, a semi-custom product from the industry's only “Build Your Own PDU" configurator, or designing a fully custom unit that gives exactly what they seeking and no more.

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    Executive Summary:

    The growth of cloud IT adoption continues unabated. Today's landscape of cloud providers is dominated by a small handful of companies based in the United States and China that deploy company owned hyperscale data centers. For the foreseeable future, these few will account for much of the growth to come in the cloud IT market, as many businesses decide to give up owning their own data centers and migrate their applications to cloud platforms. By 2020, 47% of all servers sold are expected to go to hyperscale customers. For legacy hardware providers, such as HPE and Dell, this trend portends a narrower customer base having both a higher technical acumen and a closer attention to the bottom line. HPE and Dell will see their sales to hyperscale customers increasingly captured by “no name" white box vendors who cater to giving their customers exactly what they want and no more. One server configuration no longer fits all. Open Computing is increasingly talked about as a path to lower costs and higher efficiencies. New topologies in networking yield higher bandwidth for both “north-south" and “east-west" traffic in the hyperscale data center. Facebook has open sourced the specifications for their commodity-based switch designs and shown to the world the many benefits of software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). For the hyperscale data center operators, innovations in power delivery and new approaches to cooling enable the rack power density within the hyperscale data center to increase while improving the efficiency of the overall infrastructure, resulting in extremely low PUE. This white paper discusses what comprises a typical hyperscale data center and the role that power infrastructure plays in enabling these data centers to operate as reliably and efficiently as possible.

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