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Whether you are supporting high density, high performance computing applications, a data center environment, or remote network closets on campus- you need reliable, quality rack power. Let Server Technology's power strategy experts help you select, size, and build the right PDU for your application. Get the right outlet for the application at the right price.

  • Maximize rack density and server count
  • Minimize spend with large circuit capacity
  • Support for high-performance and research compute
  • Flexible configurations for any situation
  • Campus-wide solutions for power management
  • High Performance Computing

    From lab and research to supporting your new grant, Server Technology is here to support the application. Whether your HPC cluster is supported with redundant or non-redundant power, we provide high outlet density, zone grouping, and switched PDU's that add intelligence to the project.
    Build Your Own PDU
  • Datacenter.edu

    We understand that the data center needs of the typical institution are challenging and diverse. From AC to DC, Server Technology provides fully configurable power strips so you can support the variety of equipment that gets sent to your data center. Support multi-departmental needs with multiple outlets in one rack.
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  • Dorms and Beyond

    Server Technology can provide support to the ends of your network too. From dormitory network closets to the athletic center, you can log in and reboot, or manage and monitor all your campus power from the same location with smart power management.
    -48VDC Solutions

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  • Higher Education Industry Brief

    The Challenge:

    With ever-tightening budgets and increased demands on the system, today's colleges and universities have struggled to respond to the fast-changing world of data and computing. What's more, academic institutions must deal with a variety of computing types and associated data – from sophisticated, high performance computing in its research departments to mundane point-of-sale systems operating in cafeterias and bookstores.

    In fact, the typical campus is a microcosm of the world of computing and faces real-world problems like staffing, budget shortages, security, and obsolescence. Add to this the crowded marketplace in which universities compete and the increased pressure to make college affordable, and you've got a real set of challenges on your hands
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    University data center consolidation projects are unique in the diversity of their requirements, but provide the opportunity for economic and energy efficiencies through the advantage of pooled resources and funding. These large greenfield projects provide the chance for much-needed retooling of college computing norms that support the overall mission of most universities to provide the best product in the marketplace, in a way that education is more affordable for all.
  • University of Florida Health:

    Switched PDUs = Power Control

    The Challenge:

    Joseph Keena, Manager for Datacenter Operations for Shands, has spent the last 10 plus years diligently working to keep ahead of the increasing growth and demands placed on the Shands IT infrastructure. Their UF Health IT facilities have grown from one datacenter hall to four. A recent project had a new datacenter space being built out with a higher ceiling than his normal room, allowing Joe to deploy racks that were taller than 42U. Joseph needed a custom power solution to fit his taller cabinets and the increased power densities that went with the bigger enclosure. Joseph was not sure at the time whether or not the server team would want blades or 1U servers, thus his application required a mix of outlet types, and he needed to maximize available power.


    Joseph's switch in PDU families resulted in the ability to: control outlet provisioning a 4 remote data centers, improve capacity planning, and clearly understand where available power exists for utilization.
    “Server Technology works in a true partnership with the customer. We have a 10 year working history together, and we grew together during that time."
    Joseph Keena
    Manager for Datacenter Operations, Shands