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    Our Passion for You and Your PDU

    Posted by Isaiah LaJoie on February 07, 2020

    Server Technology is is focused on all of the things that we can do to make the process of identifying the right PDU as simple as possible. This Servertech blog is all about you and your PDU.

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    A Mathematical Proposition for Implementing 415V PDUs

    Posted by Annie Paquette on January 20, 2020

    You should think about implementing 415V, 3 phase PDU(s) in your data center, and here’s why. This blog from Server Technology will show you the numbers so you see why voltage matters.

  • Server Technology Solution Partner Providers: Part 2

    Posted by Annie Paquette on April 23, 2014

    In part 1 of this blog, Server Technology discussed the critical power and environmental information available from Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDU’s). In part 2 of this Solution Partner blog, Servertech will talk more about our power solution products and ways we integrate with other vendors within the data center space.

  • Ask the Engineer- How do I calculate power from 3-phase LED readings?

    Posted by Annie Paquette on October 09, 2010

    In this blog, Server Technology answers the question at large- "How do I calculate the power usage for devices attached to one of your Smart PDU's by looking at the digital readouts on them?"

  • WATCH: DCD Enterprise NY: How to engineer a PDU

    Posted by RJ Tee on April 21, 2015

    Learn More about our latest PDU solution: The HDOT Switched PDU is the most versatile PDU platform for today’s demanding data center environment. Server Technology has converged their three top solutions All-in-1 PDU. It includes: High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) most outlets, in the right place, in a smaller form factor. Alternating Phase Outlets provide better airflow, easy load balancing, and greater efficiencies. PRO2 Platform a flexible and feature rich hardware and firmware platform

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    Want to Support High-Density Applications? Try a 3 Phase PDU.

    Posted by RJ Tee on April 09, 2019

    Sometimes, the road less traveled proves to be the better route. That’s certainly proven to be the case with Server Technology’s series of 3 phase PDUs. Once it was a less common, new approach to power distribution in the data center, now three phase PDU(s) sales have spiked over the past three years. One of the early challenges of three phase power was load balancing. In the past, this meant carefully dividing power evenly across the three branches of the rack PDU so that you could draw roughly similar current on each branch. This only worked in a perfect world where the rack is filled with a single type of device.

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    Using a Horizontal vs. a Vertical Rack PDU

    Posted by RJ Tee on October 19, 2017

    While use of vertical PDUs, or vertical rack power distribution units, has become nearly ubiquitous in today’s data center, they are not the only game in town. Since we have been getting a lot of questions lately about Horizontal rack PDUs, we thought it would be useful to take moment to pause and reflect on our counterpart from the other axis. Besides orientation, the most obvious difference between the two rack mount power strips is that of space – outlet space to be exact. Since the typical horizontal PDU fills 1 to 2U gaps, the number of outlets available is limited to the width of the rack, or the number of U spaces you are willing to part with.

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    The Right PDU For Your Data Center Power Needs

    Posted by RJ Tee on November 21, 2016

    At Server Technology, we understand that power needs vary from customer to customer. Some data centers require all-in-one power solutions complete with all the available bells and whistles, while others have more basic needs. But one thing that doesn’t vary is the desire for a best-in-class high quality power product. Another thing that’s for certain is that Server Technology’s award-winning power solutions provide just that.

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    Nobody Builds A PDU Better Than Our Customers

    Posted by RJ Tee on June 14, 2016

    Build Your Own PDU, step 1 (choose Smart or Switched), step 5 (select outlet type), step 7 (choosing color quantity and quote) “If you build it, they will come.” Many people think they recall this line from Kevin Costner’s 1989 baseball film “Field of Dreams,” but the actual line is, “If you build it, he will come,” referring to the main character’s late father, John Kinsella. Semantics aside, the line holds a powerful message: when you set out to create something of your own – something built for your needs and no one else’s – it’s likely others will find value in it, as well.

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    How To Improve The Elephant-Sized Power Problem In Your Data Center

    Posted by RJ Tee on May 22, 2015

    It’s time to address the 3,000 lb. elephant in your data center. The fact is, your facility is behind the times in regard to its ability to track and control power consumption. And if you don’t get a handle on the situation quickly, you could risk dealing with an expensive ordeal stemming from a power overload, or by reaching network capacity.