Problem? Not A Problem With HDOT Switched PDUs.

RJ Tee
December 01, 2016

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If a solution doesn’t exist for your problem, we’ll innovate one, simple as that. Case in point: our High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) PDUs didn’t exist until a client came to us looking for an innovative solution to a unique challenge.

Travis Irons, Server Technology Director of Engineering, recalls the moment the idea for HDOT came to him.

“About four years ago, one of our larger clients came to us with a quote for 40 to 50 different configurations of products,” Irons says. “Many of them were high density, with many outlets for the volume. With the conventional, off-the-shelf outlets everyone was using then, we couldn’t make it fit at first.”

The answer, Irons says, was sitting right on his desk. It was a prototype of an outlet he was using to find a cord locking solution. He realized the cord locking aspect wouldn’t help Server Technology’s client, but its high-density design was just what they needed.

“I realized this thing that had been staring at me from my desk for months was the answer,” Irons says.

By stacking the outlets and slimming down the form factor, the HDOT was born. Today, it’s one of our top sellers, and it has begun racking up awards, too.

By offering a 20 to 30 percent reduction in footprint, the HDOT PDU allows data center customers to put more servers into their racks, saving on increasingly valuable real estate costs. Using alternating phase power, HDOT creates a more efficient flow than those running one- or two-phase power. It also simplifies load balancing and cable management by creating shorter cable runs.

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HDOT is available in Switched and Smart POPs to offer an extra level of monitoring for data center managers who are looking to track trends across the center floor. With HDOT in place, you can better understand and improve your power usage habits in a very short time. Another bonus: HDOT helps you spot zombie servers that consume power without providing any benefit.

In the end, Irons says the ability to innovate on the fly is a major differentiator for Server Technology.

“We can offer out of the box solutions and different technologies that just aren’t feasible for our competitors to design,” he says. “We have a small company mentality with a startup attitude and that, I think, gives us an edge.”

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