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    Small Data Center Devices: Big Impact

    Posted by Annie Paquette on December 09, 2019

    The Quest for the Best At the dawn of the first data center, facilities and IT managers have strived for more productive floor space. Over the last decade, considerable achievements have been realized with the advent of virtualization, multifunction hardware and more innovative energy distribution sources. Today, the trend towards ...

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    What is a Vertical PDU? Defined.

    Posted by Annie Paquette on September 09, 2019

    Server Technology provides this thoughtful blog on the topic of peace – and vertical rack mounted PDUs. What is a vertical PDU? Take a peek here.

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    Dominic Toretto on the Fast, Flexible HDOT Cx

    Posted by Annie Paquette on August 02, 2019

    Server Technology’s recent promotion for HDOT Cx is themed ‘The Fast and the Flexible.’ This blog explores the rack PDU product using Dominic Toretto’s own words.

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    Powering the Big Data Crunch

    Posted by Annie Paquette on July 15, 2019

    The rise of big data and the proliferation of vastly differing applications to mine the data are dramatically changing the power distribtion unit (PDU) landscape. It is defining how server racks are configured.

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    Summary: The New “Renewable Energy in the Data Center Industry” White Paper

    Posted by Annie Paquette on July 09, 2019

    In Server Technology’s newest white paper, “Renewable Energy in the Data Center Industry,” questions about renewable data center design are answered, without mention of Server Technology or Rack PDU(s). Really.

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    What’s the Best PDU Solution?

    Posted by RJ Tee on December 15, 2015

    There are a lot of best PDUs, then, and that is the point. The goal of our product line and the design of our manufacturing process is to allow our customers the ability to find exactly the right set of power distribution features for their application. Why else would Server Technology provide so many options, from horizontal to vertical, 120V to 415V, low density to high, and from managed to not? It is because every data center rack is its own unique deployment, which demands the ultimate in flexibility from those devices that power the load.

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    What does a Rack PDU do again?

    Posted by RJ Tee on April 20, 2018

    On the surface, it is an amazingly simple question. Everyone knows what a rack PDU is, don’t they? In one of the few industry blogs to reference the movie Gremlins, we attempted to answer the question in the context of the acronym-laden industry we work in. Power Distribution Unit. In this blog we are going to move beyond semantics and talk more about the doing side of a PDU. Our friends will point out that a power strip is just the same thing: a device that has outlets, a cord, and maybe a little surge protection thrown in. To channel my inner Elf, “Say power strip ONE MORE TIME!”

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    Picking the Right Rack Mount PDU For Your Data Center

    Posted by RJ Tee on April 12, 2017

    Decisions, decisions. We often stress over relatively easy decisions more than we reasonably should. One decision that shouldn’t be all that difficult – once you’re armed with the proper knowledge – revolves around which type of rack mount PDU you’ll need to help power your data center for the foreseeable future. When picking a rack mount PDU for your data center, pinpointing your exact needs before shopping will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. Perhaps density is your primary concern. Or maybe uptime is on the top of your checklist, along with capacity planning. That’s where Server Technology comes in. We offer smart, switched and other intelligent rack PDU options ranging from ready-made units with super-fast shipping to PDUs precisely customized to meet your every need.

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    Need a Crystal Ball to Predict your Future Rack Power Requirements?

    Posted by RJ Tee on January 07, 2019

    Are you faced with the challenge of selecting a rack PDU to meet not only your existing but also future power needs? Whether it’s for a refurbishment, new build, or retro-fit, when making such a purchase, you need to ensure you are maximizing your investment for the long-term - yes? But how does a data center manager feel secure in the knowledge that he has all potential future requirements covered? Short of gazing into a crystal ball and asking for some otherworldly guidance, there has been no simple answer to the question, ‘what will my future power needs be?’…until now

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    HDOT Success Part 3: The Evolution of HDOT

    Posted by RJ Tee on September 12, 2018

    In our previous post HDOT Success Part 2: Lessons Learned, we discussed the success of our HDOT High Density Outlet rack PDU, and how that success is based on listening to our clients and learning how we can help them get ahead of the power distribution challenges of the data center industry. In this blog, we will shift our focus and discuss the answer to the question, what is the next step in the evolution of the most popular intelligent PDU on the market? Server Technology is proud to say that the HDOT is evolving. The market challenges that were emerging when we started still exist today: high density three-phase power that needs to be distributed to the rack by an intelligent power distribution product that is customizable and readily available. Check. But how do you improve on that formula?