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  • 415v-fewer-parts-and-pieces - https://cdn.buttercms.com/Az0mEhRhQjWiyoImr4Op

    415V – Fewer Parts and Pieces

    Isaiah LaJoie
    November 23, 2020

    A new white paper from Server Technology provides details for deploying 415V in mission-critical facilities. This article provides a recap of the key elements of 415V implementations and cost savings.

  • how-to-choose-the-best-rack-pdu-for-your-cloud-edge-colo-or-telecom-data-center - https://cdn.buttercms.com/dWogl3TlS8CMnntFjTll

    How to Choose the Best Rack PDU for Your Cloud, Edge, Colo, or Telecom Data Center

    Isaiah LaJoie
    February 11, 2020

    If only you could specify your rack mount PDU based on your industry. Server Technology offers this article on the relationship between rack PDU specifications and where you work.

  • small-data-center-devices-big-impact - https://cdn.buttercms.com/r2qFbn38SnCco8WlzK9f

    Small Data Center Devices: Big Impact

    Annie Paquette
    December 09, 2019

    The Quest for the Best At the dawn of the first data center, facilities and IT managers have strived for more productive floor space. Over the last decade, considerable achievements have been realized with the advent of virtualization, multifunction hardware and more innovative energy distribution sources. Today, the trend towards ...

  • what-is-a-vertical-pdu-defined - https://cdn.buttercms.com/iAVzxBATB2uLc7IMNgdP

    What is a Vertical PDU? Defined.

    Annie Paquette
    September 09, 2019

    Server Technology provides this thoughtful blog on the topic of peace – and vertical rack mounted PDUs. What is a vertical PDU? Take a peek here.

  • dominic-toretto-on-the-fast-flexible-hdot-cx - https://cdn.buttercms.com/QEuC5eAyRWCUsvCTLXUm

    Dominic Toretto on the Fast, Flexible HDOT Cx

    Annie Paquette
    August 02, 2019

    Server Technology’s recent promotion for HDOT Cx is themed ‘The Fast and the Flexible.’ This blog explores the rack PDU product using Dominic Toretto’s own words.

  • powering-the-big-data-crunch - https://cdn.buttercms.com/uNmiVz1TFx3wzuRReYAj

    Powering the Big Data Crunch

    Annie Paquette
    July 15, 2019

    The rise of big data and the proliferation of vastly differing applications to mine the data are dramatically changing the power distribution unit (PDU) landscape. It is defining how server racks are configured.

  • summary-the-new-renewable-energy-in-the-data-center-industry-white-paper - https://cdn.buttercms.com/iYKM8yRVQCqFPtUM0XPC

    Summary: The New “Renewable Energy in the Data Center Industry” White Paper

    Annie Paquette
    July 09, 2019

    In Server Technology’s newest white paper, “Renewable Energy in the Data Center Industry,” questions about renewable data center design are answered, without mention of Server Technology or Rack PDU(s). Really.

  • need-a-crystal-ball-to-predict-your-future-rack-power-requirements - https://cdn.buttercms.com/AUr1DLpdSMGs4tkMB9iA

    Need a Crystal Ball to Predict your Future Rack Power Requirements?

    RJ Tee
    January 07, 2019

    Are you faced with the challenge of selecting a rack PDU to meet not only your existing but also future power needs? Whether it’s for a refurbishment, new build, or retro-fit, when making such a purchase, you need to ensure you are maximizing your investment for the long-term - yes? But how does a data center manager feel secure in the knowledge that he has all potential future requirements covered? Short of gazing into a crystal ball and asking for some otherworldly guidance, there has been no simple answer to the question, ‘what will my future power needs be?’…until now

  • hdot-success-part-3-the-evolution-of-hdot - https://cdn.buttercms.com/lYsWueDvR7SLHLZ8OVDG

    HDOT Success Part 3: The Evolution of HDOT

    RJ Tee
    September 12, 2018

    In our previous post HDOT Success Part 2: Lessons Learned, we discussed the success of our HDOT High Density Outlet rack PDU, and how that success is based on listening to our clients and learning how we can help them get ahead of the power distribution challenges of the data center industry. In this blog, we will shift our focus and discuss the answer to the question, what is the next step in the evolution of the most popular intelligent PDU on the market? Server Technology is proud to say that the HDOT is evolving. The market challenges that were emerging when we started still exist today: high density three-phase power that needs to be distributed to the rack by an intelligent power distribution product that is customizable and readily available. Check. But how do you improve on that formula?

  • hdot-success-part-2-lessons-learned - https://cdn.buttercms.com/EzNZCDkQdmBbEJAMRl4A

    HDOT Success Part 2: Lessons Learned

    RJ Tee
    September 11, 2018

    In our previous post HDOT Success Part 1: Staying True to our Vision, we discussed the success of our HDOT High Density Outlet rack PDU in relation to our mission statement to Stay Powered, Be Supported, and Get Ahead. In order to understand that success within the context of continuous improvement, we took a step back to look at the big picture. As a result of that process, we identified some factors that contributed to the popularity of the HDOT product family, and in doing so answered an important question: how do we improve the product and allow our customers to continue to get ahead? First, it is important to understand what HDOT is – and isn’t. The HDOT product is not a basic data center PDU, but rather a solution to the issues of density, planning, and power management. To tackle these basic issues, we offer the product in Switched, Smart, and POPS versions that allow you to control power and measure power at the rack. HDOT is also available with Alternating Phase Outlets to make power distribution and load balancing even easier.