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  • data-center-choices-part-2-the-power-strikes-back -

    Data Center Choices – Part 2 The Power Strikes Back

    RJ Tee
    February 22, 2017

    Before signing on the dotted line, ask your colocation provider these questions about your data center power needs.

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  • data-center-choices-part-3-return-of-the-pdu -

    Data Center Choices - Part 3 Return of the PDU

    RJ Tee
    February 17, 2017

    In many cases, service with a colocation provider begins the minute you sign their contract. This means time is of the essence when it comes to getting up and running quickly. Server Technology offers more than 12,000 PDU variants to handle every request you can imagine (and then some). Of these, we have a select line of rack PDUs known as Fast Movers, which ship within 3-5 business days so you can have your cabinet operational ASAP.

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  • data-center-choices-a-colocation-facility -

    Data Center Choices – Part 1 A Colocation Facility?

    RJ Tee
    February 14, 2017

    A long time ago in a data center far, far away, users had only a handful of choices: build your own enterprise data center or house a server rack in your company’s storage closet. The hybrid options were few and far between.

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  • fast-mover-pdus-server-technology -

    Fast Mover PDUs | Server Technology

    RJ Tee
    February 01, 2017

    Let’s face it, power is often one of the last boxes you tick on your data center to-do list. Nobody intends to save one of the most mission critical elements for last, but time and again, it’s one of the final pieces of the puzzle data center managers deal with.

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  • use-top-shelf-pdus-for-your-colocation -

    Use Top Shelf PDUs for your Colocation

    RJ Tee
    December 19, 2016

    If there’s one need you can’t skirt around as a colocation provider, it’s rack-level power management. Power is expensive, and there is too much at stake in your mission critical environment to go without a reliable network of intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) that can track daily usage, prevent outages and respond to environmental alerts.

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  • why-you-need-intelligent-pdus-for-remote-cloud-and-colocation-services -

    Why You Need Intelligent PDUs for Remote Cloud and Colocation Services

    Josh Schaap
    December 14, 2016

    A while back, your business made a strategic decision to expand its data center beyond its physical borders. Now, a large number of your servers live in hosted, third-party cloud and colocation facilities around the U.S. and possibly the world. Why did you outsource a large portion of your infrastructure? You did so to save money, increase efficiencies and establish a local presence around your key markets to reduce latency and costs when transmitting data. It made much more sense at the time to partner with companies offering premium infrastructure in managed facilities than to expand your legacy network (and take on additional CAPEX and OPEX).

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  • what-type-of-datacenter-user-are-you -

    What Type of Datacenter User Are You?

    Marc Cram
    September 12, 2016

    While both “cloud” and “cloud-first” are the new go to IT solutions for many companies, there remain a large number of situations where a complete outsourcing of your hardware infrastructure is not practical. In that circumstance, colocation of your IT should make the short list for consideration, whether it is driven by the needs for expansion, proximity, or interconnect. Colocation offers the advantages of highly efficient buildings, support for multiple locations, and access to some of the best interconnections available in the industry.

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