What Type of Datacenter User Are You?

Marc Cram
September 12, 2016

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While both “cloud” and “cloud-first” are the new go to IT solutions for many companies, there remain a large number of situations where a complete outsourcing of your hardware infrastructure is not practical. In that circumstance, colocation of your IT should make the short list for consideration, whether it is driven by the needs for expansion, proximity, or interconnect. Colocation offers the advantages of highly efficient buildings, support for multiple locations, and access to some of the best interconnections available in the industry.

For those that are expanding beyond the use of a few hundred virtual machines running in the cloud, growing into one or more colocation facilities can bring a quick return on investment without requiring the capital to build your own green field datacenter. Colocation can also serve as a bridge point between public and private cloud deployments.

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