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Pro 2 Switched Demos

PRO2 Switched and Switched POPS/PIPS - Our new PRO2 Platform PDUs

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-48 VDC - Outlet Control with Inlet Metering

Smart Load Shedding

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Remote Power Management & Monitoring Solutions

Used by data centers and branch offices worldwide to reduce server downtime, the Sentry family of products provides network and IT equipment managers with a broad set of infrastructure solutions that can be integrated or used as stand-alone solutions.

Sentry products combine industrial-quality power enclosures with best-in-class firmware features to deliver unparalleled solutions. The Sentry products' functionality provides specific solutions for the data center manager, including:

Power Distribution

Reliable Power Distribution for all the IT & network equipment in your data center; combined with Input Current Monitoring of the power loads on each circuit. Cabinet/enclosure/rack-level power distribution for servers and network gear, including single-phase and three-phase VAC, and -48 VDC for telecom and network gear.

Most data centers standardize on dual-power corded servers and network gear. When single-power equipment is the only option, create power redundancy with a Sentry Fail-Safe Switch for the equipment rack.

Remote Power Management

Any enterprise that relies heavily on the use of distributed LAN/WAN internetworking devices and Windows NT or Unix servers needs Remote Power Management to reduce server downtime. When your network goes down, resulting in problems such as lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, decreased productivity and potential Service Level Agreement penalties can quickly arise.

With a Sentry™ Power Manager, the recovery action is easy and cost-effective. The Sentry provides a logical, software-controlled interface to individual power receptacles. This allows a technician the ability to immediately reboot an individual internetworking device and quickly return the network to operational status without interrupting all the equipment attached to the UPS.

Control remote sites and data center equipment with IP-based Remote Power Management. The Sentry™ family of Intelligent PDUs enables the remote control to reduce server downtime and network gear. Additional Solutions for the Data Center Equipment Cabinet can be integrated with Remote Power Management, including Input Current Monitoring, Pass-Thru Console Port Access, and Environmental Monitoring. Remote Management features include 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface for SSL Web, SSH, Telnet, & SNMP control; and outlet grouping on different power circuits.

Input Current Power Monitoring

Eliminate the guesswork of determining the power draw on available power circuits. Manufacturers' nameplate ratings are designed for maximum power consumption – often for future product enhancements.

Input current monitoring provides multiple benefits in the Data Center.

  • First, for the on-site engineer who is installing the servers and attaching the power cords to the Power Tower's receptacles, a two-character digital display located on the face of the Power Tower shows the cumulative load in amps. This accurate measurement allows the on-site engineer to install a configuration of equipment with a total draw up to 16 amps (80% of a 20 amp load).
  • For the engineer at the Network Operation Center, a standard browser can be used to check on each Power Drop to determine the load in amps. This is especially useful because the customer may have un-intentionally added new cards to a network equipment unit or added new servers to the same Power Drop and the load may exceed 16 amps (or 80% of the capacity).
  • For the NOC, Load Current Measurement provides an accurate measurement of the total load for the data center. This data is used to forecast future power facility enhancements and to forecast future air conditioning requirements.
  • For the customer, a standard browser can be used to check on each Power Drop to determine the load in amps, allowing the customer to determine if they are at maximum capacity or under-utilizing each individual Power Drop.

Environmental Monitoring

Protect your investment in IT and network hardware with cabinet-level environmental monitoring. Receive SNMP-based alarms when temperature, humidity, water detection, and contact closures vary from defined conditions.

Pass-Thru Console Port Access

Combine remote power management with console port access to remote servers, routers, and network equipment into a single enclosure and interface. Serial console access is the only true universal management interface in the data center.