PRO2 Smart Cx POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing) with PIPS (Per Inlet Power Sensing) Demo

PRO2 Single-Phase 208V 30A POPS Rack PDU with PIPS, primary and expansion unit with 24 outlets per PDU (18 C13 Outlets 6 Cx Outlets, 48 outlets total). View the product specs page here.

Web Interface Demo
User: admn
Password: admn
  1. Click on 'OK'
  2. To logout, click on the link located in the navigation bar on the left of the screen.

**Note: The above online demo represents the features and functionality of a POPS PDU. Currently you are viewing the C2SG36TE-2CAF2M66 primary and C2LG36TE-2CAF2M66 linked expansion PDU, 24 Outlets per PDU, 208V, 1-Phase. The number of outlets and input power options vary product to product.

Server Technology Switched POPS Expansion Module Server Technology Switched POPS Fuse and Breaker Server Technology POPS Outlet Section-6xC13 and 2xC19.jpg LED current monitor.Ethernet, Serial and temperature/humidity port

Link two Rack PDUs together under one IP address

Retractable fuse or breaker branch circuit protection on various models

Per Outlet Power Sensing Provides the following measurements per outlet:

  • Load (amps)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Active Power (W)
  • Apparent Power (VA)
  • Crest Factor
  • Power Factor
  • Power Consumption: Energy (W-hr)

LED current monitor. Ethernet, Serial and temperature/humidity port

Key Features of the Smart POPS Rack PDU:

  • POPS technology - highly accurate, outlet-level power monitoring
  • Cx Outlets - hybrid outlet that can function as either a C13 or a C19 outlet.
  • SNMP trap email alerts provide automated alerts for power and environmental conditions
  • Expandability: add additional outlets through link unit without additional IP address
  • Optional temperature and humidity probes on 10 ft (3 m) cords allows for measurements in different locations within the cabinet. Values can be viewed from Rack PDU interface or send out traps and alerts when thresholds are exceeded. No additional IP addresses required

Telnet Demo
Username: admn
Password: admn

Because the Telnet applications differ between operating systems, these instructions are designed to cover the basic operations required to make this demo operate properly. General recommendations for all Telnet applications include having the Terminal Preferences set to VT-100/ANSI emulation and VT 100 Arrows.
To get a display of available commands, just press Enter at the 'Smart' prompt, which will show: Switched Rack PDU Commands are:

  • To view the Load (amps), Power (watts) of all the outlets, type status at the 'Smart CDU:' prompt
  • To view the power consumption of individual outlet (such as outlet .a1), type ostat .a1 details

Please note that changes made during the demo session may NOT be preserved when the session is ended.