Colorize your Server Technology PDU

Color PDU Options

Color-code your Server Technology PDU with 6 color options. Color-coded PDUs are designed to help you separate, locate and identify your data center power distribution pathways.


SmartSensors & Environmental and Security Monitoring


Compatible with PRO4X and PRO3X Intelligent Rack PDUs Only

SmartSensors accurately monitor environmental conditions within a data center in real-time. Available models monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, differential air pressure, water/leaks, dust/particles, contact closures, dry contacts, proximity/motion, and vibration.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Module and Sensors

Compatible with PRO2 and PRO1 Intelligent Rack PDUs Only

Our environmental monitoring module connects directly to Smart and Switched PDUs to monitor environmental conditions in a data center. Supported sensors monitor temperature/humidity, water/fluids, and contact closure.


SmartLock System

SmartLock System—Cabinet-Level Access and Control

Compatible with PRO4X and PRO3X Intelligent Rack PDUs Only

The Legrand® SmartLock System is a networked, intelligent electronic door access and control system designed to deliver audited and controlled access to sensitive IT assets in the data center's white space. It is an economically scalable solution that addresses evolving cabinet-level physical security requirements and is compatible with most cabinet vendors, including Legrand's server and network cabinets.

Mounting Options

Mounting Options

Easily mount your PDU in the rack.

Cord Retention Options

Cord Retention Options

Prevent your devices' cables from accidentally unplugging. Even when inserted correctly into the cabinet power distribution unit (PDU), device power cables can become dislodged due to user error or vibration over time.

Power Cords and Cables

Input Power Cords

Input power cords for your cabinet power distribution units (PDUs) with an IEC C20 input.

Adapters and Cables

Adapters and Cables

Compatible with PRO2 and PRO1 Rack PDUs Only

Adapters and Cables used to complete your PDU installation.

Locking Output Cables

Reliable Sources for Locking Output Cables

Visit StayOnline

StayOnline empowers customers to optimize their cord supply chain. They have in-stock inventories of SecureLock C14 and C20 Locking Power Cords compatible with select Server Technology Rack PDUs.

StayOnline's SecureLock C14 Locking Cords
StayOnline's SecureLock C20 Locking Cords

Visit LYNN Electronics

LYNN Electronics is a power cord manufacturer focused on the data center. They have in-stock inventories of colored power cables to keep your data center powered on.

LYNN Electronics Locking Power Cords

Visit World Cord Sets

World Cord Sets, Inc is a leading distributor in the power and data industry, specializing in data center applications. They stock a huge selection of P-Lock power cables to mate perfectly with your Server Technology PDUs.

World Cord Sets Datasheet

Star Multi-Link

Star Multi-Link

Compatible with PRO2 and PRO1 Intelligent Rack PDUs Only

Attach up to 3 expansion units to a single master unit.

Startup Stick

Startup Stick™

Compatible with PRO2 and PRO1 Intelligent Rack PDUs Only

A quick and easy solution to PDU configuration. Start Up in 5 seconds with Startup Stick. No DHCP, no problem: One StartUp Stick to get thousands of PDUs on your network.