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Ways to Strike Back Against Data Center Power Inefficiency

Posted by Annie Paquette on January 23, 2020

All of the talk about AI pushing the data center efficiency envelope begs the question – are you ready to optimize? This blog discusses five next gen efficiency measures that will lighten the load on your data center PDU(s).


A Mathematical Proposition for Implementing 415V PDUs

Posted by Annie Paquette on January 20, 2020

You should think about implementing 415V, 3 phase PDU(s) in your data center, and here’s why. This blog from Server Technology will show you the numbers so you see why voltage matters.


How Intelligent PDUs Lead to Cost Savings in the Data Center

Posted by Annie Paquette on January 14, 2020

Data centers are known to be very expensive to operate. In this blog, Server Technology will make the case for how our intelligent PDUs lead to operational cost savings in the data center.


How and Why AI is Used for Data Center Cooling

Posted by Annie Paquette on January 09, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is being applied to data center cooling. This blog from Servertech addresses data center environmental monitoring and the use of data center PDU(s) for AI data collection.


How AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC) Work Together Hand-In-Hand

Posted by Annie Paquette on December 27, 2019

As HPC platforms are becoming the go-to resource to support machine learning and AI, more will be coming to a corporate data center near you. This blog talks about supporting AI in an HPC environment.


The Twelve Blogs of Christmas

Posted by Annie Paquette on December 23, 2019

What do bloggers do for their most loyal readers at Christmastime? Write more blogs, of course! This article from Server Technology gives the gift of a year’s worth of blogs from the ‘Everything Needs Power Blog.’


How are different industries using AI today?

Posted by Annie Paquette on December 19, 2019

Leading companies are using AI to improve everything from beer to intelligent PDUs. In this blog, we look at recent applications of artificial intelligence in different industries.


How can AI improve data center efficiency?

Posted by Annie Paquette on December 13, 2019

Can artificial intelligence be used to counter its own worst side-effects? When it comes to data center efficiency and smart PDUs, we think the answer is a ‘yes.’


How has AI changed data centers?

Posted by Annie Paquette on December 10, 2019

Why will artificial intelligence have a big impact on data centers? This blog from Server Technology talks about the role of AI and intelligent PDUs in today’s operations.


Small Data Center Devices: Big Impact

Posted by Annie Paquette on December 09, 2019

The Quest for the Best At the dawn of the first data center, facilities and IT managers have strived for more productive floor space. Over the last decade, considerable achievements have been realized with the advent of virtualization, multifunction hardware and more innovative energy distribution sources. Today, the trend towards ...