Best of the Stay Powered Blog: 2018’s Top Posts

Annie Paquette
January 02, 2019

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Suffice it to say, 2018 has been a fun year for the Stay Powered Blog here at Server Technology.  We’ve really run the gambit in terms of topics – from intelligent PDUs and IP Power Strips to Network PDU(s) and all points in between.  We covered them all with, ahem, a mix of intelligence and humor.  If you were to read the five most popular blogs from this year, what would they be?

It’s a darned good question.  We tasked our engineering department, in their post Cx launch downtime, to complete a statistical analysis of web traffic to the Stay Powered Blog.  Numbers were crunched, charts were created, and pocket protectors were put to the test.  At the end of the melee, here’s where the blogs settled:

Number 5:  The Right PDU for Your Data Center Power Needs

Fair enough.  Picking a PDU isn’t easy, particularly with all the options.  Here’s an excerpt: “With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when deciding which power solution is right for your data center. With this in mind, we’ve created a handy PDU selection flow chart that addresses all levels of power needs – from basic, non-metered PDUs to Switched POPS with outlet-level power monitoring.  To determine which is best for your data center ask the following questions…”

Sound interesting?  Click here to read the full blog.

Number 4: The Advantages of an Uncluttered Rack, Part II 

Only in this day and age is the sequel more popular than the original.  Maybe this is why: “As mentioned in our previous post on Alternating Phase rack PDUs, many of us at Server Technology (including myself) like to talk about the benefits of our approach to handling three-phase power distribution within the rack. While the subject of three phase is de rigueur in the fashionable world of high density, there is a lot to talk about above and beyond the distribution of large amounts of power in a very small footprint.  Wow, I didn’t think I would ever hear myself say that there is more to talk about than power.”

Number 3:  The Advantages of an Uncluttered Rack, Part I

And the one that started it all: “Alternating phase power distribution technology from Server Tech is one of my favorite subjects. It has benefits that extend well beyond the electrical distribution world. In fact, it is one of the few power products whose secondary benefits meet and sometimes exceed the fundamental purpose of a three-phase distribution product. I discussed it in a previous post.  Server Tech’s Alternating Phase PDUs may well set the new standard for the phrase, “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Why not read them both?  Click here or here to take in these two blogs.

Number 2:  On the Benefits of Alternating Phase

The title makes it sound like an academic paper. Don’t worry, it ain’t: “We’ve extolled the virtues of single phase 60A power distribution to the rack.  But there are still many situations in which a three-phase deployment is required to power the needs of racks that consume 12kW or more.  In other words, situations that begin with ‘high’ and end with ‘density.’ The tricky part of three phase power is the accompanying balancing act.  We don’t mean from a financial or breaker panel standpoint, or even being able to walk a tightrope.  Just the simple chore of making sure the phases are equally loaded.  That’s easy enough to say about monolithic deployments of IT gear, but much tougher in real-world applications with multiple device types all cozied up in 42U of space.”

Want to cozy up to this blog?  Click here for the full post.

Number 1: What is a PDU vs. a Power Strip?

Although initially a surprise to the engineering team, the conclusion is that some of our ‘back to basics’ posts are the most popular.  It should be noted that our post titled ‘Calculating Three Phase Power’ did crack the top 10, however.  Here is a sampling of the most popular blog of 2018:  “A standard power outlet, in other words, offers 120V of alternating current (AC), seven outlets and, in some cases, surge protection. Conversely, Server Technology’s most basic rack PDU offers up to 230V AC and up to 26 outlets in a slimmer, more compact device that is specifically engineered for use in a high-performance data center. On the other end of the spectrum, Server Technology’s intelligent PDUs can provide up to 42 outlets in a single unit, with up to 415V AC, advanced network cards, power measurement technology, temp and humidity probes, and the list goes on.  Let's see your power strip do that. ;-)”

Maybe it was the universal ‘insert winking smiley emoji here’ symbol that took it to the top?  Either way, you can check out the blog here.

Here at ServerTech, it’s always our top priority to keep you informed about the data center landscape.  We do like to have fun, but we’re at your service.  If you have a topic we haven’t tackled, let us know.

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