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The All-New Server Tech PRO4X Rack PDU

The Best Just Got Better with the PRO4X PDU

The Server Technology PRO4X Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) doesn't just solve today's power needs; it anticipates tomorrow's power challenges. The PRO4X delivers a revolutionary best-in-class intelligent PDU with groundbreaking visibility, reporting, security, and alerting. All while integrating over 30 years of customer-driven technology, experience, quality, and innovation that builds on our renowned hardware technology.

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Unsurpassed Density and Flexibility

to meet and anticipate ever-changing rack power infrastructure challenges

Gain Critical, Accurate, and Intuitive Power Quality Insights

with the most comprehensive set of rack power quality monitoring and metrics in the industry

Engineered for Mission-Critical Uptime and Reliability

with a truly hot-swappable controller and multi-layer redundancy for failover capabilities

Enterprise Level Security

provides unmatched safeguards for your network and physical IT assets

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Introducing the PRO4X Rack PDU

Renowned Power Meets Revolutionary Intelligence


Renowned Power

The Intersection of Innovation and Proven Performance

The PRO4X Intelligent PDU is equipped with new controller technology, a flexible power infeed, and industry-proven features to deliver the most density, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability in one rack PDU platform.

The iX™ Controller

is the center of intelligence that houses high compute power, Xerus™ firmware, high visibility display, and multiple connectivity ports. It offers industrial-grade reliability and multi-layer redundancy for failover capabilities.

The iX Controller is fully hot-swappable; it enables live replacement with no power interruption to the individual outlets. Besides powering the next generation of power quality metrics and monitoring capabilities, the iX Controller also helps consolidate IP addresses while supporting many sensor and accessory functions —such as environmental monitoring, asset location, physical access, and security sensors— to help you manage operations more reliably and efficiently.

Revolutionary Intelligence
Transforming Rack Power Distribution

The PRO4X provides unmatched insights for capacity planning, infrastructure scaling, troubleshooting, environmental and security monitoring, and efficiency improvements at the cabinet.

Advanced Power Quality Monitoring and Metrics integrate ±0.5% energy metering accuracy with existing and groundbreaking rack-based metrics such as Neutral Volage, Total Harmonic Distortion, and Voltage Dips and Swells. When coupled with Waveform Capture, you can confidently reveal trends regarding the health and quality of power sources and power to devices at the rack PDU power inlet, circuit breakers, and outlets.

Total Harmonic Distortion enables real-time harmonics monitoring and alerting at the cabinet level to the scale of your entire data center rack power infrastructure. This game-changing rack capability allows you to identify power conditions that could shorten your IT system's lifespan or lead to inefficiency in the power chain.

Circuit Breaker Trip Forensics with Waveform Capture ensures that when a circuit breaker trip occurs, you have intuitive Waveform visualizations and data insights to quickly understand which outlet caused an event. Coupled with Outlet On Prevention, you can repower non-offending equipment, thus, resolving issues before they turn into larger problems.

Xerus Technology Platform combines hardware, software, and communication technologies to form the backbone of the PRO4X rack PDU. It is a flexible and mature platform. It helps maximize data center efficiency and your rack PDU investment by delivering security, white space instrumentation, high compute power, advanced alerting, and complete visibility into your power chain. It also offers unmatched interoperability by supporting popular protocols such as SNMP, MODBUS, and open REST-based API's including a Redfish® API. Learn More About Xerus >

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  • Advanced Power Quality Monitoring
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Circuit Breaker Trip Forensics
  • Xerus Technology Platform

Features That Go Beyond

45-Degree Angled Infeed

See it in action >

45 Degree Angled Infeed. Eliminates the need to worry about input power cord entry configurations, improves strain relief, and adds flexibility. Save time and money with this one-size-fits-all solution.

Alternating Phase Outlet Power Distribution >>


Alternating Phase Outlet Power Distribution

See it in action >

Alternating Phase Outlet Power Distribution. Simplifies load balancing for high-density cabinets, improves airflow via shorter cord lengths, and lessens human error by distributing multiple power phases to each outlet.

<< 45-Degree Angled Infeed

Trip Forensics with Waveform Capture >>


Trip Forensics With Waveform Capture

See it in action >

Trip Forensics with Waveform Capture. Allows you to understand exactly which outlet and corresponding device caused a PDU's circuit breaker to trip. When coupled with Outlet Power-On Prevention, you can troubleshoot and reenergize the remaining PDU outlets faster.

<< Alternating Phase Outlet Power Distribution

Cx Outlet >>


Cx Outlet

See it in action >

Cx Outlet. Builds on HDOT, by combining a C13 and C19 outlet into one high-density outlet that accommodates C20 or C14 power cables in a single outlet. It reduces complexity, increases flexibility, and simplifies the PDU selection.

<< Trip Forensics with Waveform Capture

Advanced Metering >>


Advanced Metering

See it in action >

Advanced Metering. Includes industry-leading accuracy (±0.5%), trending with Waveform Capture, and Power Quality Monitoring features designed to increase data center rack power efficiency, capacity, and troubleshooting capabilities.

<< Cx Outlet

Peak and Min/Max Power Quality Measurements >>


Peak and Min/Max Power Quality Measurements

See it in action >

Peak and Min/Max Power Quality Measurements. Coupled with Waveform Capture provide a customizable aggregation of the minimum and the maximum of all previously captured measurements. Confidently adjust your operations and optimize or prevent downtime.

<< Advanced Metering

Ramlock Mechanical Locking >>


RamLock Mechanical Locking

See it in action >

Ramlock Mechanical Locking. Is a high-strength mechanical outlet locking and cord retention mechanism that secures plugs to the PRO4X. Its plug-in auto-lock and manual release lever allows easy unplugging with a one-handed “squeeze and pull" action.

<< Peak and Min/Max Power Quality Measurements

Total Harmonic Distortion Measurements >>


Total Harmonic Distortion Measurements

See it in action >

Total Harmonic Distortion Measurements. Helps you gain an understanding of how “electrically noisy" power at the rack is without having to pay for an independent analysis.

<< Ramlock Mechanical Locking

The Xerus Technology Platform >>


The Xerus Technology Platform

See it in action >

The Xerus Technology Platform. Combination of software and hardware technology, the platform maximizes data center efficiency and resilience. It delivers security, seamless system interoperability, advanced alerting, intelligence, and complete visibility into your power chain.

<< Total Harmonic Distortion Measurements



We will help you find the right PRO4X PDU for your specific application, whether you require a standard configuration model or a custom PDU designed for your needs.

  • Range of Options
    • 100V, 120V, 200V, 208V, 230V, 240V, 400V, and 415V Inputs
    • Single-Phase and Three-Phase Power
    • 16A to 100A Input
    • Up to 54 Outlets (mix of HDOT Cx and HDOT C13)
    • NEMA, IEC, and other Outlet Types are available
    • Zero U Form Factor
    • NEMA, IEC, 56 Series, and other Plug/Receptacle Options
    • Standard Certifications including FCC Part 15 Class A, TUVus and cTUV, IEC 62368, CE, UKCA
    • Custom Engineering Capabilities available upon request
    See PRO4X Tech Specs
  • Enhanced Security Suite
    • Encryption: HTTPS, SSH, SNMPv3, Smart TLS
    • Firewall: IP-based Access Control Lists (IP ACL), Role Based Access Control (RBAC) rules
    • Passwords: Strong Passwords, Password Expiration
    • Certificates: Digital Certificate, CA Certificates, Self Signed Certificates, US-CERT Monitoring
    • Advanced Security: Secure Boot, Repeat Login Block Access, Timing Out Inactive Sessions, Limiting Same Login Use from Multiple Clients, Enforced Restricted Service Agreement Warnings
    See PRO4X Tech Specs
  • Rack PDU Families
    Individual Outlet Control Per Outlet Power Monitoring Branch Circuit Protection Input Current Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Access, Security & Communications Expansion Module
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    Smart POPS PDUs Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
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    *Please contact a Server Technology power expert for PRO4X PDU family availability.

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