Why We’re Your Power Strategy Experts

Josh Schaap
April 29, 2016

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At Server Technology, we don’t just bill ourselves as “The Power Strategy Experts,” but rather, “Your Power Strategy Experts.” When you think about it, there’s a difference between those two concepts. Anyone can claim to be the best in their field, but it takes a special relationship with your customers to rightfully say you’re in their corner – and to have them consistently back up that statement. Calling ourselves “Your Power Strategy Experts” says, “we’ve got your back through thick and thin” and, “we’ll always be there to solve your power problems.”

Take a look at what some of our clients have said about our expertise over the years:

“We consider Server Tech a piece of our foundation as we standardize on products and solutions that we feel provide excellence for our customers. The San Diego ScaleMatrix data center is the seventh distinct data center property we’ve built together with Server Tech, and we’ve worked with them for seven years. In the beginning, we tried other PDUs. We had problems, issues, and even a fire caused by a faulty CDU. We then found Server Tech, their unique solution, and a whole team of power experts. We also found that the product quality, workmanship, and flexibility that Server Tech could deliver, as well as the level of partnering with us, added a lot of value. Ever since then we’ve standardized on Server Tech and the products are deployed at all of our facilities. These are simply superior products.”

 - Chris Orlando, ScaleMatrix Co-Founder (https://cdn1.servertech.com/assets/documents/documents/1668/original/Server_Tech_Case_Study_Scale_Matrix_3-12-15.pdf?1426269530)

“Working closely with Server Technology allowed us to get the right product the first time. Cisco was re-thinking and re-engineering right up to the last second before the PDUs shipped, and Server Technology was right there along the way to help ensure I got exactly what I needed. They have been true partners in every sense of the word.”

-Mike Tran, Cisco Data Center Design Engineer (https://information.servertech.com/blog/when-cisco-needs-power-and-outlet-density-it-turns-to-server-technology)

“Server Technology listens to the customer and dives into what is their true objective and what needs are to be met. Server Technology works in a true partnership with the customer. We have a 10 year working history together, and we grew together during that time.”

-Joseph Keena, UF Health, Manager for Datacenter Operations

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