What does a Rack PDU do again?

RJ Tee
April 20, 2018

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On the surface, it is an amazingly simple question.  Everyone knows what a rack PDU is, don’t they?  In one of the few industry blogs to reference the movie Gremlins, we attempted to answer the question in the context of the acronym-laden industry we work in.  Power Distribution Unit.  In this blog we are going to move beyond semantics and talk more about the doing side of a PDU.

Our friends will point out that a power strip is just the same thing: a device that has outlets, a cord, and maybe a little surge protection thrown in.  To channel my inner Elf, “Say power strip ONE MORE TIME!”

A Rack PDU does have these things in common, but in the same way you could call a hammer a tool.  A Rack PDU is more like Thor’s hammer – it is something you wield.  It has power, and we’re not just talking about volts and amps.  It can alter the course of events in the universe.  Mere mortals should reconsider even picking it up.  But that may be pushing the analogy a bit too far.

Yes, a Rack PDU is something like a power strip, but with much more capability and flexibility.  At Server Technology, we would like to think we promoted the rack mount power strip to a Rack PDU.  In addition to the outlets, switches and circuit protection common to all power strips, Servertech packs it with features like current monitoring, power sensing, and flexible monitoring. 

Find the PDU with the features you need.  Try our Rack PDU Selection Wizard.

Rather than just power servers like a power strip, a rack PDU distributes and manages power to the whole rack.   Inherent in those words is the ability to determine how much power and when.  Server Technology makes a line of rack power distribution units that put power control within easy reach.  When you are tasked with maintaining uptime and managing equipment inside a cabinet, you need all the help you can get.  Like superhero help.

Server Technology can get you to the right rack mount PDU.  Do you need more automation or more outlet control?  Choosing between Smart or Switched PDUs can help you determine the way forward.  Are you concerned with maximizing space?  There are flexible rack mount options available, so your PDU can be either horizontal or vertical.  Feeding  AC or DC power to your equipment?  Our rack mount power strip has that covered.  We can also dial in the control with per outlet and per inlet power sensing for those with density challenges.

No matter what your challenge is, no matter what features you need, Server Technology can help you meet them with more than just rack mount power distribution solutions.  We have the tools you need to manage and get power to your equipment in the racks.  With the right outlet mix, density and user interface, a rack mounted PDU can solve a myriad of data center issues.

Learn more about how Sever Technology can get you the power to manage, and the ability to manage the power.  Look to servertech.com for power density, capacity planning and remote power management.

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