3 Phase PDUs---It’s Not Just a Phase

RJ Tee
April 25, 2018

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In the data center, our customers are always going through them.  Equipment comes in, rack counts go up, and loads increase.  Electrically speaking, many of our client’s centers are in a state of flux.  Server Technology manufactures a variety of PDU types for whatever phase of development your data center happens to be in. 

Often, it’s not a matter of which phase, but how many. 

For some customers with low to medium compute needs, single-phase PDU’s can provide the best results.  Single-phase units are the most common form of distribution but don’t think that you are limited by this singular approach.  For example, a 60A single phase at 208V can provide 20% more power at 10kW than a 30A three-phase PDU.  And, with some HDOT magic, you can have up to 54 outlets.   For our single-phase customers, space and power savings are all the help they need. 

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But sometimes a three-phase approach is best.

What about those end-users in high-density environments?  For them, it’s not just the sheer number of devices in the rack, it’s also about pushing the volts-and-amps envelope in terms of power.  A three-phase approach is essential for handling such loads. To consider a single-phase PDU versus a three-phase PDU in this scenario is not even a fair fight.   Server Tech’s Alt-Phase PDUs offer a low-maintenance approach for those with high-flying power needs.   

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Server Tech does this by making alternating phase easier to implement within the PDU itself.  That is achieved with a revolutionary arrangement of the three phases in xyz/xyz/xyz grouping, rather than the conventional xxx/yyy/zzz.  By using a multilayered circuit board inside the PDU, we are able to present the right phase at the right spot in the rack for your equipment.  No more snaking power cords through the rack to balance those phases.

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The reduced wiring alone in Server Tech’s three-phase PDU brings along a host of additional advantages at the rack level to the high-density data center.  When you have shorter cord-runs from device to power, there’s less cord and therefore fewer entanglements.  Getting rid of that cable mess means less mass inside the cabinet, no cord matting to keep heat inside, and fewer unbalanced electrical phases. 

Without that intimidating mesh of communication cabling in the back of the rack, moves, adds and changes are far easier to undertake.  You won’t feel compelled to just add another rack for that new device to avoid the time and headache of making room in your already crowded and overheated existing rack. 

When you specify a Server Tech alternating phase PDU for your data center infrastructure, you can have organized and efficient racks, to begin with, and the advantages will have a domino effect in your facility.   Don’t worry about going through phases – everyone does.  Check out Server Tech’s three-phase PDU technology and put it to good use.

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