Rack PDUs: Making the Choices less of a Challenge

RJ Tee
April 30, 2018

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While in previous blogs we’ve talked about the advantages of customization and having so many PDUoptions to choose from, now might be a good time to keep it simple.  Server Technology is in the business of meeting complex power needs for every customer’s equipment and data demands.  But we would be remiss if we didn’t address those needs in the simplest and most straightforward way possible.

Server Technology recognizes that sometimes simpler still is better.  Our Basic PDU fits the bill for many of our customers.  It provides reliable equipment cabinet power distribution with branch circuit protection.  Server Technology offers them in single phase 110-120V or 208-240V and your choice of 20A or 30A.  Or three-phase power distribution if you prefer, at 50A or 60A.

View Basic Power Distribution Units

What if you need local input current monitoring, in addition to the quality cabinet power and branch circuit protection?  Server Technology offers a Metered PDU to address this need.  It features an LED that displays input current, so you can verify the load on the circuit’s phase and prevent overload.  Like the cost-effective Basic PDU, it also has flexible mounting options and color-coding features.  

View Metered Power Distribution Units

For those customers who need all of the reliability and flexibility of the Metered PDU and the ability to manage power remotely or even offsite, Server Technology has a Smart PDU.  They can have the input power measurements delivered to them over the network or a serial connection.  Email alerts can provide enhanced remote power and environmental management.  That’s one way Server Technology matches customer-driven innovation with cost savings.

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Another way is adding the ability to turn on, off, or reboot outlets remotely.  Server Technology’s Switched PDUs suit customers in high growth industries, like colocation operators.  All that cabinet power and dependability comes with circuit overload protection and displays that can be accessed remotely.  Lockout one or more outlets to prevent overload, or just sequence power methodically.

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For those customers who require even more control, a Smart or Switched PDU can be tuned finer with the addition of POPS Per Outlet Power Sensing provides power measurements at the device level and is highly accurate, down to the outlet.  In the Switched POPS PDU, outlets may be linked to one or multiple groups while maintaining control of an individual outlet.  Server Technology understands these kinds of control issues.

View POPS Power Distribution Units


Server Technology also understands that the PDU you choose is driven by the computing needs of the industry you live in.   Each PDU manages and controls power in different ways so that you can find the right one for you.  Server Technology has an online tool to help narrow the choices with less of a challenge.

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