Like a Mother, in a Good Way

RJ Tee
May 10, 2018

That’s how we’d like you to think about Server Technology’s solutions.  In all the myriad ways your own mother looks after you, Server Technology is there for your business.  Just like your mother knew what you needed and when, often before you did, we can anticipate and meet the needs of your data center racks and everything on them.

In case you hadn’t guessed, we have Mother’s Day on the brain.  And while we are busy trying to find the gift that says just how special and important she is, it occurred to us that our product lines aren’t so different from what moms do, day in and day out.

For instance, you know that moms with more than one child are often accused of being unfair by one or another child.  In reality, she is treating each one as they need and deserve, like Server Technology’s PDU options do for our customers. Just because we recommend to one customer a Basic PDU doesn’t mean we are favoring another for whom a Switched PDU is a better fit.  It means we know that each customer is unique and important, and we don’t think they should buy a PDU that doesn’t suit their racks.  

Obviously, we have more than two children customers.  We have solutions that will help each one find their perfect PDU, whether it be Basic or Metered Switched or Smart, or outfitted with POPS. Like our own mothers helped us make good choices, here at Server Technology we have a PDU selector tool to help our customers find the right match for their particular challenges.  

Here’s one mom myth we’d like to embellish: they really do seem to have eyes in the backs of their heads, because they know what you’re doing without turning around. That’s another way of saying how well they know you. Our Smart and Switched power distribution units (PDUs) are like that. They give you the ability to see into your racks without really looking at them- remotely being able to monitor key indicators and proactively direct resources. It’s similar to a mom redirecting unwanted behaviors. 

A mom is also sympathetic to her children’s ups and downs, since she has gone through many a phase herself on her way to motherhood. She would certainly understand our customer’s need for single and alternating phase PDUs.  For some customers with lower compute needs, Server Technology offers single phase PDUs equipped with HDOT for space and power savings to meet their demand for simplicity.  For others, there’s our Alternating Phase PDU to manage the highs and lows in an equipment-dense environment. 

A new way to look at 3-phase power distribution. 
Read the Alternating Phase executive summary.

When you get into trouble, you shouldn’t fret, because like an understanding mother, Servertech is there with support unparalleled in the industry.  We’ll walk you through whatever issues you have, whether it be setup and configuration, a functionality problem or a delivery question, we’re right here with good communication and solutions.

While we may not be able to help you find the gift that captures all your mother is to you, we do have some inspiration for your data center.  Check out the rest of the Server Technology website for all the ways we can meet your needs.  (and don't forget Mother's Day this Sunday!)

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