Data Center Managers: Ten-HUT!

RJ Tee
May 22, 2018

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Server Technology’s new white paper 'Top 10 Concerns of Data Center Managers in 2018' is a comprehensive summary of the 10 things that keep the typical DCM up at night and make their jobs harder.  But we’re not here to commiserate.  We’re here to say this: toughen up and avoid chugging over to namby-pamby land.  After all, it’s those things that put the ‘manage’ in ‘data center manager.’ Server Technology is here to share these concerns with you and offer our HDOT PDU solution to help you make these battles a little easier.

 Not to sound too much like drill sergeant R. Lee Ermey, but trends in the data center landscape are making these concerns more like normal battlefield conditions.  As businesses are increasingly built around omnipresent, lightning-fast internet access, Server Technology’s challenge is to meet the demands of those data centers that keep up with growth while delivering uninterrupted service. 

When it comes time to upgrade or change, do data center managers decide to build new, expand, or retrofit an existing facility?  So many factors go into that decision, including how a company’s products or services are delivered, how sensitive their customers are to latency, and how soon it can go live.  

There are other, even more, complex issues related to the rapid changes in the business to consider as well.  Companies receiving data from the IOT devices have applications of their own to support and the associated workload that is generated.  Perhaps some of your data center customers manage analytics for big data or implement artificial intelligence.  

In this environment where everything is always on, it’s not hard to imagine a data center where software is the main component.  It’s the thing that’s giving orders to all of the hardware, and the infrastructure inside the data center becomes a set of resources harnessed to execute them.  We’re talking about Software Defined Everything, the next evolution in data center design, where Software Defined Networking and Software Defined Storage is the new approaches to addressing concerns that data center managers face in the world today.

Server Technology lives in that world, and we’re here to get you straight on solutions that address your pain points, so you can find the confidence to engage in battle.  It starts with a design that is future proof, accessible and flexible.   Our family of high-quality HDOT PDUs is the place to start.  Need installation and configuration help?  We designed the BYOPDU (Build Your Own PDU) tool for just this scenario.  Here, you can get to one of 10,000 possible configurations that give you exactly the PDU you need.

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