The Twelve Blogs of Christmas

Annie Paquette
December 23, 2019

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The Server Technology writing staff would like to thank the loyal readers of our Server Tech “Everything Needs Power Blog.” In case you have fallen behind in your reading, or you would just like to compare notes on your own picks, we would like to present our 12 favorite blogs from 2019.  It was a difficult task, akin to picking your favorite child, but we set about the work of selecting our favorites by employing a scientific approach. 

Our list is created by a manual version of artificial intelligence if you know what I mean. It was arrived at by a combination of three factors: feedback from the site, number of downloads, and number of reads, by month.

In January, we started the year strong with “Need A Crystal Ball to Predict your Future Rack Power Requirements?,” which dealt with the issue of constantly changing load conditions, and how to go about selecting the right rack PDU for the job.

February brought “The Dynamic Data Center: 10 Keys to Designing for Flexibility,” which seemed to resonate with readers.  This blog had lessons that brought PUE and sustainability into the practical world by identifying specific features that can be designed into a data center facility.

March’s reader favorite was “Video Review: Take a New Look at 3-Phase Power Distribution,” a mock movie review of Server Tech’s recently launched 3-Phase power video.  While the tone of the blog was light, the video itself was able to clear the air on the more serious subject of when to reach for an Alternating Phase PDU.

In April our readers returned to less technical and more inspirational blog fare, “What it Means to Go the Extra Mile.” This universal reflection on the meaning of staying powered, being supported, and getting ahead was the obvious top pick.

In May we turned our attention to the Smart City, and so did our readers.  We published a series of articles in support of a Marc Cram whitepaper on the subject, and “Smart City: Systems, Sensors, and Networks” was the most read of the group.

By June it was time to return to the data center, as well as the ‘best practices’ format.  The blog “Hyperscale Best Practices: DC Power Distribution and New PDUs” had some great information about lessons learned working in the hyperscale world, and it resonated with readers.

In July we focused on a little Server Tech PDU history, with a four-part series on how the most popular rack PDU came to exist. This look back at the past was a blast, and its third installment, “The History of HDOT: Value & Mission took the prize for the month.

By August our readers must have needed a break from the summer heat because they gravitated toward “Dominic Toretto on the Fast, Flexible HDOT Cx,” a fun blog article using famous quotes from the Fast movie franchise.  We were excited to get a favorable response instead of a cease and desist letter from Vin Diesel. 

September brought a return to more general data center and power topics. The blog “Alternative Energy and the War of the Currents” got the nod from readers for bringing alternative energy issues to the forefront.

While we were certain it would be October’s “Things that go Bump in the Data Center,” our readers were more tantalized by “Everything Needs Power: Solutions Available with Server Tech Intelligent PDUs”  Go figure.

November was time to turn our attention to AI, IoT, and 5G, and it was no surprise that “How to Use Smart PDUs for AI Applications” was our most-read post from the month. 

And December?  Well, it is too early to tell, but artificial intelligence continues to be a trending topic, and we think "How are Different Industries Using AI Today?" will take the prize. 

We hope you have found our “12 Blogs of Christmas” recap useful.  It is our little way of saying, “Merry Christmas, nerds!” and “Thank you for your loyal readership!” all at once. Enjoy, and we will see you all next year.



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