Server Technology and You: the Rack PDU Selector

RJ Tee
March 12, 2018

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For the second in a series about Server Tech’s lifecycle approach to award-winning customer service and support, we would like to talk about the next steps in the process of selecting just the right PDU for you.  Our Rack PDU Selection Wizard has a magical ability to help you select the right PDU type for your application.

But once you’ve settled on Basic or Metered, Switched or Smart, what’s next?

We’re glad you asked because we already have the answer waiting for you in another form of support we offer to all of our customers.  It’s Server Technology’s Rack PDU Selector With another great online means of support, you can start with a product type, and end with a part number and have a power strategy expert contact you.

You thought the wizard was the thing?  We’ve got a new trick for you, Gandalf.

With the Rack PDU Selector, you can build on your chosen power distribution unit product type and add to it the features that will allow it to support your IT operation.  This tool allows you to select features such as POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing) to dial in the level of monitoring you need to have. 

From a nominal voltage standpoint, you can select from among all of the usual suspects lurking between 120 and 415 volts.  Or you can even select -48V if AC is not really your thing.  In terms of current, you can pretty well pick a number between 16 and 1200, and we will have a checkbox just waiting for you.   

When it comes to accessing all of that power, our Selector can help you navigate the myriad receptacle permutations offered up in the name of NEMA and IEC.   You can also select receptacle density (think high or low) and choose the number of outlets, anywhere from 4 to 54.  We’ve even considered the receptacles into which you may plug your new rack PDU, whether it be an IEC C20 or a 240/415V Wye 60A IEC 60309.  We can ship it to you unterminated if you don’t feel like committing just yet.

If you’ve already decided on whether you should power your rack with vertical power strips or the horizontal variety, Server Technology has a variety of mounting options.  If you aren’t sure which direction to go, we’ve got a couple of blogs that can help with that decision, too.

Does your provider help you build what’s best for you?  Find out what PDU is in your future by using Server Technology’s Rack PDU Selector.  We are the company dedicated to bringing you the tools and support you need to get the best PDU for your application.

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