Don’t Have A Cow About Load Balancing, Man

RJ Tee
March 14, 2018

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Look at you. You’ve been behind your cabinets all day, trying to balance your servers’ power loads. You’re drenched in sweat. Your back hurts. You’ve been through half a pot of coffee. And now you have a headache on top of it.

We feel your pain. Manual power load balancing just isn’t an easy process. It’s complex, delicate and time consuming as it requires determining exactly where to place each cable in order to prevent your circuits from overloading. Further, there are additional factors like environmental issues to worry about. And if you make just one mistake, you risk throwing your entire setup out of balance, potentially leading to a costly power outage.

Server Technology can simplify the load balancing process with its Alternating Phase PDUs, which distribute power on a per receptacle basis —as opposed to a per branch. Server Technology’s Alternating Phase PDUs come with color-coded outlets, for easy setup, and automated power distribution throughout each receptacle. This means you won’t have to manually configure each path.

In addition to reducing stress and saving you time, this technology can also reduce operating costs in your data center, too. Alternating Phase PDUs eliminates power loss, as it reduces waste during each cycle and pumps power back into your system instead of into the ground.

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