How To Improve The Elephant-Sized Power Problem In Your Data Center

RJ Tee
May 22, 2015

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It’s time to address the 3,000 lb. elephant in your data center. The fact is, your facility is behind the times in regard to its ability to track and control power consumption. And if you don’t get a handle on the situation quickly, you could risk dealing with an expensive ordeal stemming from a power overload, or by reaching network capacity.

Here are three ways to address the issue and streamline your power consumption:

  • Manually assess your current inventory and figure out what devices you are using on a regular basis, and what devices are idling. Many data centers struggle with a lack of real-time visibility, and have absolutely no idea how many devices are sucking up power on a daily basis.
  • Figure out what you want to keep using, and what needs to be scrapped or sold. In every operation, there are pieces that simply don’t fit the current puzzle. Rather than hanging on to old and outdated equipment, see if you can upgrade your efficiency without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Once you’ve cleared some room and you’re ready to start with a fresh new plan, invest in an intelligent power monitoring solution like HDOT Switched from Server Technology that can help you improve your power management process. Using a data center power monitoring solution, you will gain a crystal-clear view of how much power each rack is using. Armed with this data, you can prevent future messes and will have a much easier time controlling costs.
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