Strapped For Data Center Capacity? Server Technology Can Help

RJ Tee
May 27, 2015

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Network capacity is currently running at a premium rate in Silicon Valley. As explained in a recent Data Center Knowledge article, data center rents are now running from anywhere between $125 to $165 per kilowatt per month. Prices could increase again by the end of 2015, too.

It’s a landlord’s data center market, the article explains, as there is currently more demand than supply in the area. This means that if you are currently strapped for network capacity, and you are considering outsourcing your facility to a hosted provider, you will run into an overcrowded market with very limited options in the 2 to 3 MW range.

Here’s another option other than outsourcing to a hosted provider: Keep your facility in-house, consolidate your assets and get rid of everything that you don’t need on your network. Then, invest in a data center monitoring tool like Server Technology’s HDOT Switched solution, which will allow you to monitor your business’s power consumption in real time.

By making this small (and affordable) investment, you will not only streamline your data center and increase your network capacity, but you will also save having to overpay for space in a crowded colocation facility where you will pay top dollar for server space and power. After all, the price of electricity is expensive enough as is; you don’t need to pad the wallets of a data center landlord on top of it.

Server Technology’s advanced data center powering solutions are fully customizable, and come with an industry-leading 40 outlets per power distribution unit.

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