Using a Horizontal vs. a Vertical Rack PDU, Part 2

RJ Tee
November 01, 2017

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In a recent blog post from these pages, we discussed several situations in which you might consider using horizontal power distribution units in lieu of the more common vertical power distribution devices. Based on responses to our post, we decided to provide more feedback on going horizontal. 

We discussed several situations in our previous post that favor the use of the more compact horizontal PDU. Some of the reasons include distributing power from a rack-mounted UPS, or when you have space at the back of the rack left by shallow IT equipment such as those half-sized switches and routers. We also discussed situations in which additional airflow through the sides of the cabinet could be advantageous.

’But,’ you asked, ‘don’t I have to compromise on the modern features that I have grown to know and love so well?’ Mon frère.

Do you really think we would do that to you? Not a chance. The reality is that horizontal power strips pack the same feature set as “more sophisticated” vertical rack PDUs. In fact, when it comes to sophistication, both our horizontal and vertical power distribution units are on equal ground.

Here are a couple of questions that we received as well as our answers, to help clarify what is available when you decide to go horizontal:

Can my PDU still have intelligent features? Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Our horizontal PDUs come in Switched, Switched POPS, Smart, and Metered varieties. We also have it on good authority that our horizontal power strips likewise feature the Power IQ  monitoring platform from our partner Sunbird.

What about three-phase power? Mon dieu! But, of course.

Am I limited to one outlet type? Au contraire. If you need multiple outlet types in a single unit, we can take care of that, too.

So when it comes to exploring horizontal rack PDUs, just say oui.

Server Technology is your power strategy expert. Head here for 1, 2, 3, and 4U Horizontal PDUs, and here for 0-U, or Vertical PDUs. We have solutions that allow you to configure in both the X-axis as well as the Y.

Continue to learn more about horizontal vs vertical rack PDUs in our next blog post.

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