Three Ways Power Monitoring Can Change Your Data Center’s Culture

RJ Tee
May 20, 2015

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We talk a lot about how Server Technology’s High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) Switched, with its industry-leading 40 outlets of alternating-phase currency, can help slash costs and improve power-related efficiencies in your data center.

But there’s another exciting reason to invest in this next-generation power monitoring technology: It can also be a catalyst for cultural change in your data center for the following reasons:

  1. It reduces stress: Uptime can be a major stressor for data center operators, who are often forced to spend many nights and weekends fixing errors that could have been prevented ahead of time. With HDOT Switched, you can gain the real-time visibility needed to be proactive about system maintenance so that you can always stay informed when system changes are necessary.
  2. It facilitates remote working: HDOT Switched can stream real-time power usage data to mobile devices, making it possible to access information while on-the-go. In effect, data center operators do not have to wear traditional ball and chain that comes with managing a data center, as the technology facilitates remote monitoring. This also makes it possible to more-effectively manage data centers that are spread out across different areas.
  3. It saves money: Let’s face it: When budget cuts affect the data center, nobody is happy. You will save money by reducing unnecessary power loss in your cabinets, which will result in a bigger cash flow towards your department. This will allow you to hire more, invest in exciting new equipment or even grow your facility. The process is simple: Focus on improving your per-rack power consumption, and your entire department will benefit from the positive effects.
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