Even More Ways To Get Help On ServerTech.com

RJ Tee
April 27, 2016

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At Server Technology, we are constantly evaluating our products, asking how we can make improvements that better server our customers. It’s this sort of innovative approach that has vaulted us to the top of the data center power solution industry and it’s also what’s helped keep us there. Just as it does with any product we produce, this philosophy also holds true for our website.

We’re proud to announce that our all-new ServerTech.com has a cleaner layout, improved navigation and mobile responsiveness, allowing you to access us on any device, any time.

Some of the other features include:

  • Improved organization of our product lines: Now, you’ll be able to find your PDU more quickly. Our new product selector breaks our products down by family type or SKU. It also lets you filter PDUs by type, firmware, number of outlets and more, making for a headache-free selection process.
  • Search: What’s a site without a powerful search tool? Ours has been optimized to more quickly get you to your destination without a lot of digging around.
  • Product sheets: These can now be searched by SKU, making search a snap.
  • Product details: These will now be more prominent, saving you significant time in the search process.
  • Support: Get in touch with our top-notch support staff and also get quick and easy answers to the most common Server Technology product questions. For those questions not easily answered, it’s now even easier than ever to create a support ticket and see real-time status updates on your case.
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