PRO4X Firmware

General Availability (GA) releases are fully tested, production-ready, and are recommended for most customers and deployments.

Limited Availability (LA) releases are of the same testing and production quality as GA releases but may have some missing or extra features. Because of this, LA releases are typically only delivered to select customers and/or select product types. Related binary files are, therefore, not available for public download through the website. For access to LA binary files, please contact your regional Server Technology Support team for assistance who will first ensure proper compatibility with your specific model(s) and then will provide files as needed.

Current Release:

PRO4X Firmware v4.2.0 General Availability (GA)
Previous Release:
PRO4X Firmware v4.1.0 General Availability (GA)
PRO4X Firmware v4.0.40 General Availability (GA)