Rack PDU

  1. Q: Will restarting my Rack PDU affect power to the outlets?
    A: No. The intelligence and power of the PDU operate on two, separate circuits. The power will remain unaffected.
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  3. Q: What is the default user name and password?
    A: Both the user name and password are the string: admn
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  5. Q: What is the default IP address?
    A: The default IP address is
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  7. Q: Is it ok to change a fuse while the Rack PDU is still plugged in?
    A: DO NOT attempt to change a fuse while the PDU is still plugged in. This could result in an arc from the fuse causing a direct short to ground which can cause serious damage to the PDU and the operator.
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  9. Q: Where can I find the MIB?
    A: SNMP Downloads
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  11. Q: Where can I find firmware updates?
    A: Visit the PDU Firmware Downloads section.
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  13. Q: Where can I find the product manual for my Rack PDU?
    A: Visit the Product Manuals page.
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  15. Q: Where can I find a list of available data cables and power cords?
    A: Accessories
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  17. Q: Will restarting the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) affect power on my Rack PDUs?
    A: No, the PDU is unaffected.
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  19. Q: What do the 3 LED displays on my Rack PDU represent?
    A: They provide the amperage reading that each input line is conducting.
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  21. Q: My LED says "FE" or "bE". What does this mean?
    A: Fuse Error or Breaker Error. An overcurrent of one of the attached loads has occurred.
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  23. Q: MY LED says "OL". What does this mean?
    A: The PDU is in overload condition above the maximum level the PDU can withstand.
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  25. Q: How do I manually reset my Rack PDU back to factory defaults?
    A: Most PDUs have a small unlabeled button located behind a hole next to the LED displays or network port. Utilizing an item such as a paper clip, you can depress the button. Press and hold the button for between 10 and 15 seconds. After releasing the button, the unit will initiate a factory reset. Allow about 3.5 minutes for the reset to complete. Note that outlet status (On/Off) is not affected by a factory reset. The default username and password return to “admn". An otherwise unused decimal point on the display will illuminate while the button is depressed. When 10 seconds is reached during the button press, the display will begin flashing double dashes. Release during this period to start the factory reset. Although not recommended, the reset button can be disabled via the system interface by an administrator.
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  27. Q: Can two "Primary" PDUs be linked together?
    A: No, a "Primary" PDU may only be linked to "Expansion" PDUs.
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  29. Q: Where can I find technical documents including trouble-shooting steps?
    A: Visit the Technical References section.
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