Green Initiatives for Data Centers

Achieve an Energy Efficient Data Center

Not only for the environmental reasons that you may expect, but for the economic benefits they see by incorporating Green IT in their data centers. Going "green" means measuring, analyzing and controlling power usage to enable effective capacity planning along with aptitude to make change for decreased usage - all leading to improved data center energy efficiency, a controlled data center carbon footprint and better overall company ROI.

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Companies around the world today are focused on Green Data Center IT. Why?

Data Centers today are experiencing:

  • Rising Energy Costs
    • The per-square-foot annual energy cost in data centers is 30-80 times more than a typical office building. 
    • The cost of electricity and supporting infrastructure for three years surpasses the capital cost of IT equipment. 
    • EPA says data centers account for 1.5% of annual U.S. electrical consumption. 
  • Unavailability of Power
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The need to improve corporate image by going "green"
  • Energy legislation

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What can be done to have a more energy efficient data center and incorporate Green data center IT into your company?

  1. Measure power usage
  2. Measure power usage effectiveness (PUE)
  3. Make adjustments based on the power monitoring information to reduce energy usage and CO2 output

Server Technology's power management solution for a green data center combines our intelligent cabinet Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with SPM rack level power management software for monitoring, measuring and trending your power. This solution can help you improve your data center energy efficiency, save money and drive your data center green initiatives forward.

Read more about Server Technology's solutions for companies focused on going green.

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