415V PDU Solutions

Efficiency and cost savings are the reason that many data center operators are considering a change to bring 415V PDUs to the rack level. Changing current requirements to 415V power can increase data center power efficiency and cut costs. Switching current requirements can cut the power losses that data centers experience every time electricity passes through a power converter or transformer.

The power path from the building entrance to the IT loads contains several power converters and transformers for each conversion; which contribute to inefficiencies and power losses. Reducing the number of transformers and operating at a higher voltage improves efficiency and reduces electrical costs.

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Be more efficient and save more money through fewer power transformations by using 415V power

Within enterprise data centers, power used for operating the facility, lighting, running IT loads and cooling is the largest operational expense. Consider implementing a 415V 3 phase PDU into your data center to increase efficiency and save your data center money.

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    Need a PDU solution that will provide ultimate flexibility and density to your data center? Head to our Build Your Own PDU configurator. The BYOPDU tool allows you to build your own Switched, Smart, or Metered HDOT Cx or HDOT PDU in four simple steps, shipping in 10 days or less.
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  • Benefits of 415V Distribution

    Our Power Strategy Experts here at Server Technology make a strong case for the benefits of deploying 415 VAC power distribution in the data center. Check out this application note where we explore one of our recommended configuration scenarios to take if you so choose to deploy 415V power in your data center.
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  • Server Technology 415V Rack PDUs

    We're all about efficiency. Three-phase power distribution is most efficient, and implementing it at higher voltages makes it even more so. In addition, having a 415V power distribution unit allows for power to be distributed at higher voltages, which makes energy usage more efficient.
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