PRO2 Features

The latest innovation from Server Technology, the PRO2 platform, continues STI's more than 30 year tradition of customer driven power solutions development. PRO2 features a flexible hardware platform with more outlets, a faster processor, improved firmware and increased security and redundancy. With PRO2 you can maintain high availability to your data, stay informed of rising loads and be proactive on your power supply management.

Key PRO2 Benefits
> Hot-swappable, redundantly-powered network card
> Branch current measurements and multi-level alerts
> Shallower PDU enclosure
> More alarms and configuration options
> Star architecture multi-linking
> Zero Touch Provisioning

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Key Intelligent PDU Benefits
> PIPS® and/or POPS® high-accuracy measurements of current, voltage, power, and other key power metrics
> Environmental measurements via plug-and-play probes
> Use Sentry Power Manager for data center monitoring
> SNMP traps and email alerts