Want to Really Stand Up to Climate Change? Start With Your Data Center!

Josh Schaap
September 10, 2015

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Right now there is a massive effort on the part of the private and public sectors to try and reverse the harmful effects of climate change here in the U.S.

Recently, for instance, the White House organized a group of 12 U.S. companies that all pledged to donate a total of $140 billion to help fund green energy infrastructure. The money will go toward initiatives like green power plants and green energy solutions.

It’s an opportune time, therefore, to ask yourself what your business is doing to help save the environment, as such initiatives will likely cut operational energy costs and support a positive image for your brand as well. Many companies want to do more in this regard but are stymied when it comes to determining the best course of action for accomplishing this goal.

One option often deployed is contributing money to an organization that will fund green power initiatives; while this is certainly noble, taking direct action within your own company is also essential. A strategic place to start is in your data center. After all, most data centers consume massive amounts of electricity on a daily basis, thus straining local environments.

A data center power monitoring solution can help you keep track of your power usage in real time, as well as on a historical basis. You can use it to gain a clearer picture of how your infrastructure is consuming power, thus making it easier to adjust your operations accordingly.

Over time, you can use the data you collect to measure your energy savings and prove to your customers you’re taking environmental efficiency to heart.

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