Three Reasons You Should Care About Data Center Power Monitoring

RJ Tee
September 14, 2015

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You and your coworkers have a laundry list of new items that you need to purchase for your data center. You need new servers, racks, switches and cables.

There’s something else you should add—and prioritize—as well, and that’s data center power monitoring software. Here are three reasons why data center power monitoring software should warrant your attention:

It can save your department: If your department is not actively monitoring its daily, weekly, monthly and yearly power loads, there could be widespread inefficiencies driving up monthly costs. As a result of these inefficiencies and high costs, upper management may be eyeing your data center and considering outsourcing to a hosted provider to save money and reduce risk. By investing in a data center power monitoring solution, you can track all of your power consumption, and strategically cut down on your power load in order to save money.

It can generate more spending money: Instead of blindly asking upper management for the funds you need to purchase new data center equipment, start tracking your monthly cost savings using data center power monitoring software. Then, go to upper management with these accrued savings and prove to them why the department deserves its upgrades. They will be more inclined to give back to your department.

It will make you  and your staff look like wizards: Nothing looks better in the eyes of upper management than measurable growth. You and your teammates can earn respect by showing how you saved the company boatloads of money, reduced downtime and contributed to a greener organization.

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