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RJ Tee
March 28, 2018

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Server Technology is focused on making the process of identifying, selecting, and purchasing a rack PDU as simple as possible.  Our dedication to support does not stop when the rack PDU ships, and it begins when your new rack PDU is but a twinkle in your eye.  We strive to provide the highest level of service throughout the entire lifecycle of the product starting with making sure you find the product that best suits the application you have.

Sometimes the best way to figure out what you need is to take a look around and see what your peers are up to.

Taking this basic concept, we created solutions pages to provide our prospective customers a glimpse into what we are seeing in the industry, and context that will help bring their decision making process into focus.  We organized these solutions pages in a manner that makes sense to our customers.  They are broken into three broad categories:  what is going on from a technology standpoint, what is going on from an industry standpoint, and what is going on within a specific vertical.

What is going on from a technology standpoint?

If density presents a challenge, the most uniquely valuable rack PDU on the market provides the #1 solution for density, capacity planning, and remote power management for the modern data center.  If you deal with remote configurationissues, there is a subset of PDUs that are ideal for any environment that requires power and environmental monitoring, rebooting and power-up sequencing, scheduling power loads, and interoperability.  If uptime is a key driver for you, there are solutions that offer more redundancy, more outlets, more customization, and more resiliency built right in. 

Short on real estate, high on rack components?  We have you covered.  Discover our award-winning high-density solution today.

What is going on from an industry standpoint?

There are challenges that are unique to the colocation Industry.  Whether you operate a state of the art colocation facility or are deploying your critical equipment to an off-premise colocation provider, you need reliable, quality rack power monitoring and management tools. 

Edge computing is now being utilized to speed content delivery, improve services, and localize analytics.  Shifting your data center resources to the edge of the network brings new power distribution issues that Server Technology has solved.  Or you may have a hyperscale data center environment involved in delivering the most popular applications on the internet. These data centers require massively redundant computing hardware combined with extreme software resiliency. Hyperscale demands “always on" power to ensure the quality of experience today's web users expect.

Learn what comprises a typical hyperscale data center and the role that power infrastructure plays in enabling these data centers to operate as reliably and efficiently as possible in this whitepaper.

What is going on within a specific vertical?

Let’s say you support a critical environment in a specific sector such as government or higher education. In these verticals we see high density, high performance computing applications, a data center environment, and even remote network closets on campus.  We have information about situations in which Server Technology's power strategy experts help select, size, and build the right PDU for the application.

No matter what’s going on with you, feel free to access all Server Technology’s content, including webinars, videos, white papers, calculators, industry brief, blogs, and case studies.  Take a look and understand how your peers have found value through the application of our products into their market.

Does your provider help you build the right product for you?  Experience power on command and answer the questions yourself to see what power distribution unit is in your future with Server Technology’s solutions pages.  We are the company dedicated to bringing you the tools and support you need to get the best PDU for your application.

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