Server Technology Recognized as a Pioneer in Reno's Tech Scene

RJ Tee
March 24, 2015

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Recently, Server Technology was recognized by NCET as a pioneer in Reno's technology scene. The article recounts our growth from the perspective of Brandon Ewing, president, and co-founder of Server Technology.

Here's an excerpt:

Just inside Server Technology, Inc. in south Reno is an aerial map from decades ago. On it, Reno's South Meadows — the company's location — is seen as a desolate expanse. Double Diamond and Damonte Ranch are nothing but open space.
"Our crystal ball was pretty effective," laughs Brandon Ewing, STI president, and co-founder, referring to the sheer growth characterizing the once-vacant stretch STI selected. "At the time of the picture, we were in Silicon Valley, and rents had skyrocketed."
He recalls that the company, which he founded with his father Carrel, had about 25 employees at the time — "20 of them who came to Tahoe to enjoy the outdoors every weekend."
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