Resources? We’ve Got ‘Em.

Josh Schaap
June 16, 2016

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You’ve often heard us talk about being your Power Strategy Experts and how our relationship with clients extends well beyond the sale, so it shouldn’t be a major surprise that Server Technology’s new website features a wealth of information from product manuals to technical notes to white papers, case studies and more.

Take a moment to bookmark our new Technical References page, where you’ll find the following helpful guides:

  • User guides/product manuals: You know that feeling: the one you get when you realize you tossed the box along with the instruction manual. Fortunately, each PDU, security modem and rack mount fail-safe transfer switch made by Server Technology has a corresponding user guide in PDF format on our Product Manual page. Need to learn a little more about your Sentry Power Manager 6.0 software? We’ve got you covered there, too.
  • Support notes: One thing original user guides don’t include are notes about the product as it evolves and improves over time. On the Support Notes page, you’ll get details about product updates and upgrades as well as tutorials, configuration instructions and more.
  • Application notes: Wondering how to achieve the lowest profile for your rack PDU? Looking to add power redundancy to single-cord devices? Visit the Application Notes page for your complete resource.
  • Technical notes: Server Technology’s Technical Notes page is dedicated to detailing potential application security threats, firmware upgrade instructions and other information not already included in product manuals and support/application notes.
  • White papers: At Server Technology, we stay on top of the latest trends in data center power, and the content of the White Papers page is designed to keep you up to speed. The white papers on this page delve into data center management best practices that you can put to use in your operation.
  • Case studies: Over the years, we’ve worked with some amazing partners, from Cisco to the University of Florida Health system and government security contractors. On the Case Studies page, see how we’ve helped them stay powered, be supported and get ahead with our innovative solutions and dedication to customer service.
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