[Pt. 2] New Workloads in the Data Center

RJ Tee
October 22, 2018

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In the early days of data centers, we had data. Then, we wanted to know more about how and when and where the data came into being. Thus, we developed metadata. Then we needed to report on both the data and the meta data. And then we wanted to analyze the reports – what are they telling us? Are they accurate? Are we optimized? Machine learning, deep learning, “big data” and “analytics” were developed as a means of understanding the underlying pools of data, resulting in still more data. Today, we are drowning in the ocean of data, metadata, reports, big data, analytics, and machine learning. So where do we turn? More technology needing more data – artificial intelligence.

Every few years, we add another layer of complexity, another set of derived facts and figures. Another set of deductions, hypotheses, and action items. Combine that with entirely new sources of data, such as smartphones, IoT sensors, autonomous vehicles, smart buildings, smart cities, and natural language interfaces, and the data center is faced with massively growing needs for storage, processing, and power.

Those data center managers that plan ahead look for PDUs that offer extra outlets, extra power delivery capability, and firmware upgrade ability that can be found in the HDOT Cx family from Server Technology.

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