Increased Uptime + Higher Compute Density = Greater ROI

Josh Schaap
March 24, 2016

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In the advertising world, there are no such things as coincidences. When you hop on the Internet to find a product and you come across an ad that seems perfectly tailored to you, it’s no mere accident. More than likely, an advertising tech company like our client, Turn, has helped you find that product by serving up relevant ads through consumer data.

In order to power its platform – which response to half of the world’s Internet page views in as little as 10 milliseconds.  Turn employs a highly scalable multi-tiered server infrastructure using a Big Data analytics engine and a powerful suite of software. Recently, Turn sought to reconfigure its hardware with one setup containing 23 devices per rack and 43 devices per rack on the other. It also sought to make the most of its colocation space while powering support to customers via data-driven advertising efforts. Finally, Turn was looking for remote monitoring capabilities for its hardware.

The hitch? As Turn has grown, its systems across several data centers had become more and more complicated. Its number of hardware configurations and variations had also grown exponentially.

By working with Server Technology’s Power Strategy Experts, Turn was able to select a single PDU form factor to satisfy its power needs while reducing the per-node footprint in its colocation facility. STI helped Turn to achieve this by recommending 48U tall racks while implementing only two varieties of rack configurations with more compute nodes on each rack. This 48-outlet solution enabled Turn to realize a 5 to 10 percent reduction in floor space per compute node. Turn also went with cabinet PDUs with remote monitoring and management, helping them to keep an eye on power at various colocations facilities. Also, as a result, Turn has seen increased uptime, fewer failures and an increased compute density that can withstand higher operating temperatures.

Server Technology’s data center rack PDUs and power management solutions are the answer not just for Turn, but for more than 60,000 customers around the globe. STI even offers customers the ability to build their own PDUs online. Learn more about our award-winning power management solutions that help you reduce downtime, improve power usage and drive efficiency in your data center.

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