Get Ahead with StartUp Stick

RJ Tee
August 14, 2015

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Over the years, we have heard many data center personnel state that DHCP cannot and will not be used for infrastructure pieces like cabinet PDUs. All Server Technology PDUs are shipped with DHCP enabled so that the user can setup the DHCP server to provide IP settings based on MAC address. For those installations where that is not a viable solution, Server Technology has developed the StartUp Stick for quick mass-deployment. Now, instead of walking the floor with a crash-cart and writing scripts to handle the initial network configuration, you can sit in the comfort of your office using our simple spreadsheet configuration tool and then walk the floor with this simple tool instead.

The StartUp Stick provides you a standard USB interface for PC and MAC, built-in rules verification, LED pass/fail indicator, and on-board logging. We will even provide your spreadsheet with pre-populated serial numbers from your CDU order. 

Now, your PDUs can be live on your network in no time; and with SPM's scheduled discovery, you can be gathering valuable power data for capacity planning and status reporting from day one of your installation.

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