Before Venturing Into Space, Consider Power Monitoring Solutions

RJ Tee
February 05, 2016

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As the human race blasts forward into the future, network professionals are looking for new territories in which to build innovative data centers. For instance, we recently posted a blog about the first waterborne data center—check out the article here if you haven’t yet. Now, the likes of NASA and organizations in the defense aerospace technology space are looking to set up shop in the final frontier.

While the prospect of data centers floating in space is quite exhilarating, it’s important to understand that the fundamental prerequisites and technology solutions needed to manage an efficient and optimized structure in an untracked new territory, especially one as foreign and untested as space, are the same as they are here on planet earth. Yet, extending the data center model beyond Earth’s atmosphere poses a whole new set of hazards. For instance, consider the recent incident* that occurred when two astronauts attempted to fix a malfunctioning power grid on a space station. The expedition was cut short because one astronaut got water in his helmet—a potentially life-threatening scenario.

 To ensure that your data center space odyssey, or any venture right here on terra firma, can withstand potential risks, you must, first and foremost, implement reliable, power monitoring and measuring solutions. When you can gain a full view, via a reporting feature included in the technology, you can be proactive about power consumption enabling you to avoid dilemmas such as the example of the broken power grid.

In effect, when you have the necessary tools to keep your data center running optimally, you can rest assured that you’ll never lose power in an unexpected situation—even if your data center is, well, floating around the galaxy.

Consider implementing Server Technology’s vast and various power monitoring and measuring solutions if you’re considering embarking on a data center journey—either light years away or right here on earth.

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