5G Demand and Data Center Uptime: A Love Story

Josh Schaap
February 09, 2016

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Network administrators are continuously caught up in many torrid technological romances. Just consider their love/hate relationship with bandwidth. That is, administrators love the data center uptime they get when bandwidth capacity is aligned with network loads but hate struggling to ensure uptime when systems are overloaded. So, imagine how their love will be tested as the bandwidth demands of 5G networks barrel toward them.

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Case in point, a recent report from Juniper Research revealed that 5G service revenues are set to exceed $65 billion by 2025*. Compare that to the mere $100 million that is expected from 5G’s first commercial year of service in 2020. To support the high demand for the new, more robust 5G networks, IT professionals must gear up now so that this love story will be one of long-lasting harmony.

Network administrators can ensure their data centers don’t fold under the pressure of supporting such a high degree of bandwidth demand by implementing advanced rack-level power monitoring and management solutions. In other words, “putting a ring on it,” committing to support your data center (in sickness and in health) with best-in-class uptime solutions.

Start now—before the 5G onslaught—by gearing up your data center to handle greater power demands. This Valentine’s Day, show you care about increasing energy efficiency and avoiding bumps in the road caused by power outages by considering a solution from Server Technology’s PRO2 product family.

Designed specifically with uptime in mind, PRO2 products help to improve redundancy, cater to customization, and build resiliency within data center infrastructure. After all, the degree of uptime success a data center experiences is derived from how well it is designed. That is, by implementing intelligent power solutions like that of the PRO2 product family, network administrators can rest assured that their data center is sturdy and reliable right at its core.

Forget the candies and the roses, the most romantic gift this holiday season is guaranteeing data center uptime with smart power monitoring solutions.

*Source: http://www.juniperresearch.com/press/press-releases/5g-revenues-forecast-to-exceed-65bn-usd-by-2025
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