Data Center Rack Power Management

Rack Mount Power Supply

As a data center professional, you know that you need to measure and monitor your power usage. It's the first step to knowing what you need to do to improve data center power efficiency and act on your company's green initiatives. As the old saying goes - you can't manage or control what you're not measuring.

Monitoring and reporting on data center energy consumption have become expected in today’s energy conscious world and we have the most robust, affordable and comprehensive solution on the market: Sentry Power System.

“Server Technology gives me the solutions we need to continually monitor power usage – for efficiency, for green initiatives, for PUE.” - IT Director

Server Technology's Sentry Power System combines our intelligent cabinet power distribution units (PDUs) and Sentry Power Manager (SPM) power monitoring software to provide a tightly-integrated system for rack-level data center power distribution and data center rack power monitoring and management.

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