3 Reasons Your Data Center Is Losing Money

RJ Tee
April 23, 2015

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Your data center needs every penny it can get to invest in new technologies and to cover electricity costs. Unfortunately, your facility is hemorrhaging money due to widespread inefficiencies.

If your facility doesn’t get a handle on its energy inefficiencies soon, it could draw the ire of upper management as they look to trim expenses. This could result in budget cuts, or even outsourcing the entire department to a hosted colocation provider.

Here are three ways your data center could be losing money:

Your servers are underutilized: A recent NRDC study shows that the average data center wastes a significant amount of energy on underutilized servers. In fact, the average server only operates at about 12 to 18 percent capacity. If you are idling a large number of servers, it could be time to consider either decommission a portion of them or turning them off until they are needed.

Too much money is being spent on cooling: Most data centers run at temperatures of about 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, many IT managers are now having success in running their facilities at much higher temperatures. In fact, some facilities go as high as 80 degrees. By raising your data center’s temperature, you could reduce unnecessary waste and avoid the hassles of a hot aisle/ cold aisle layout.

Your inventory has spiraled out of control: Unused servers could be piling up in your organization without your knowledge. Take an inventory, and invest in a data center power monitoring solution so that you can see exactly where all of your power is being distributed right over a single interface.

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