PRO1 Switched -48VDC (4) 125A inputs (4) 125A outputs Rack PDU

Key Features

  • Pac g4 feature icon disconnect rated circuit r4protection

    Disconnect Rated Circuit Protection

    Each output is protected by a fuse or circuit breaker and is rated for hot disconnect.

  • Cdu key features icon branchcurrentmonitoring 01

    Output Current Monitoring

    Network monitoring provides access to current draw at each output and alerts when high usage risks a tripped circuit.

  • Pac g4 feature icon output control r4

    Output Control

    Cycle power to individual outputs or groups of outputs to reboot devices or to power off unused terminals.

  • Cdu key features icon access security 01

    Network Monitoring

    The PRO1 hot-swappable network card provides for HTTP(S), SSH, Telnet,SNMP, (S)FTP, SMTP, Syslog, LDAP(S), RS-232 serial, and more.

  • Cdu key features icon multi link expansion 01

    Star Multi-Linking

    PRO1 provides the ability to link up to four power circuits using one IP address. First link provides backup power to network card.

  • Cdu key features icon enviromental monitoring 01

    Temperature/ Humidity Monitoring

    PRO1 Primary and Expansion units each support two external 10' (3m) T/H probes. Receive SNMP-based alerts and email notifications.

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