Rack PDUs - How to Buy

At ServerTech, we strive to make the power distribution unit (PDU) buying process as easy as possible. By providing you with more tools like our Rack PDU Selection Wizard, and our Build Your Own PDU Configurator, you can find the right PDU for your application within a few clicks.

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The Process

  1. Find the right Rack PDU for you
  2. Submit an RFQ
  3. Confirm with Servertech Inside Sales Manager or Preferred Partner
  4. Connect with Preferred Partner
  5. Your Rack PDU ships, most in 10 days or less

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Have the SKU for the PDU you need? Get started with one of our power strategy experts by filling out a request for quote.
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Need a new spec? No matter your data center power needs, we have you covered. Most of our PDUs ship in ten days or less.

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Build Your Own PDU

In four simple steps, quickly configure to order your next HDOT (High Density Outlet Technology) power distribution unit (PDU). BYOPDU offers up 12,000 variations so you can get your next power spec just right.
Build Your Own HDOT PDU

Product Selector

View all of our products, sortable by product type (Switched PDUs with Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS), Switched PDUs, Smart PDUs with POPS, Smart PDUs, Metered PDUs, and Basic PDUs), mounting, number of outlets, form factor, voltage, and more.
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Which PDU is Right for You?

Rack PDU Selection Wizard

Narrow 12,000+ PDU configurations down to a single product family. Short, sweet and simple. We'll guide you through a series of short questions about your power distribution needs.
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View Rack PDU Catalog

Want to see all of our product features and specifications in a PDF? Not a problem.

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We're committed to providing our customers with only the best support, starting from before you purchase and throughout your entire relationship with Servertech. Want to talk to someone directly in regard to your specific power needs? Drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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