What’s Keeping Data Center Managers Up at Night? Recent Survey Tells All

RJ Tee
March 04, 2016

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Today, IT professionals face numerous challenges in overseeing the operation of an efficient data center. Just consider the pressure associated with  maintaining 100 percent network uptime while upholding environmental standards. Indeed, data center supervisors are more overwhelmed than ever trying to manage this balancing act.

That being said, data center managers are stepping up to the challenge and implementing new ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies all while remaining sustainable. A recent infographic from Intel and Dell reveals just how they are doing that by spotlighting the specific areas of struggle paired with plans to meet these challenges head on.

Let’s review some of the findings:

  • 62 percent of IT managers use power management tools
  • 55 percent of IT managers plan to reduce energy consumption through support infrastructure
  • 54 percent plan to improve power usage monitoring
  • 44 percent of IT managers report experiencing power issues weekly
  • 75 percent of IT managers want to improve energy efficiency to cut costs

 It’s clear that power management and monitoring is both a challenge and source of future hope for data center managers. As such, they ought to consider implementing rack-level power measuring and management solutions that can effectively mitigate all of the above issues.

In particular, Server Technology’s rack-level power distribution units (PDUs) afford managers power measuring and monitoring capability so that they can manage energy efficiency. What’s more, managers can build their own PDUs based on their data centers’ unique needs.

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